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Please build on this, or knock it down and start again!

proposed overhaul[edit]

To anyone knowledgeable about this topic--I'm thinking the article should be rewritten with this framework:

  • Intro: what is anthro of media
  • History
  • since c. 1990: Debra Spitulnik's article, indigenous media (Faye Ginsburg)
  • external links: programs, resources
  • bibliography

--Media anthro 02:12, 18 November 2006 (UTC)

Good Idea. Need material for sections.

Probably some of the current sections should be kept to help give guidance and context to a more popular audience, since this is a way in for people who might be interested in Anthropology of media and not a specialised resource yet.

Proposal to use improving this article as part of a lesson / teaching plan:[edit]

1.) In the introductory lecture of a Media Anthropology course, go over the major historical marking texts in the emergence of the Sub-discipline.

2.) In a tutorial group, follow up on this by assigning individual members of the group to go and read one of these crucial texts, and then summarise it for this wikipedia article.

3.) Take a printout of the article to the next tutorial group and have a discussion about how these various contributions add up to a narrative about the subdiscipline, then encourage people to revise the article accordingly.