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Question on Time Travel[edit]

Some reviews on IMDb and ask the question, why did the monkeys time travel to so many points in time - if they simply travelled to the ancient past, surely that would make a change on the rest of the future?

The comments page is [1] - check for the one by DiscoPenguin

What I don't understand is why the monkeys had to be sent to five different periods. If one is re-written, wouldn't all the ones after it be different?

A resolution to this can be found in terms of understanding the structure of the game. The protagonist Spike is required to travel back from Ancient Past (Dinosaur times), slowly catching up with critical points in history around different eras and ages.

When playing the game, the first level is Ancient Plain. It could be understood that as each level (point in time) is cleared safely of monkeys (some need to be captured later on), the future is then restored to its original design. It could then be suggested that as Specter notices that history has changed back, he decides that if Spike has cleared that era, he should then find another point in time (slightly ahead in the future) where he can try to dispatch the monkeys again.

Thus the game could be perceived as a type of chase between Spike and Specter - after Spike manages to clear each era, Specter has another go to try and drop more monkeys. Then, Spike goes to that era (with the help of the Time Station, Natalie and the Professor) and clears them again, and so forth.

And to clear up, this would therefore suggest that once a level has been played for the first time, and Spike is returned to the Time Station, that any remaining monkeys (which can be captured if you enter the level a second time), for some reason, have not altered the future (at least not considerably beyond control). In some cases, monkeys are trapped or happy in these eras, so these "safe" monkeys do very little harm to affect the future. --rjcuk 09:32, 5 September 2006 (UTC)

However, after playing one of the first levels, Specter sends a transmission to the laboratory. He specifically says "Anyway, I'm going to send in my comrades and monsters to various periods to re-write the history of Earth! No longer will humans be the dominant species! I'm going to conquer the world! Don't try to stop me! I'm going to relentlessly attack whomever tries to get in my way!" This therefore suggests that Specter is not "in a race" with Spike, and that he plans to take over all of history in one go. --rjcuk 13:59, 5 September 2006 (UTC)

Idle play[edit]

This section was previously removed by A Link to the Past at 06:01, 8 October 2006.

After Spike has been idle for roughly 30 seconds, a rendered automatic sequence will play. This involves Spike performing one of the following activities, which can be cancelled by simply making movement with the controller.

Spike can play with a yo-yo, listen to a stereo and headphones, use binoculars to look around, swing the Stun Club, swing the Time Net, do a handstand, put on some black sunglasses and look around, and lay down and sleep. There is roughly 30-second interval between these that play, and they do not appear to play in any order, hence they are randomly selected.

Characters - quotes from user manual[edit]

For anybody who even tries to change the characters sections' quotes, I want you to make sure you have checked the real thing! I have scanned the pages in the user manual and uploaded them here. Please do not make any further edits about this!

Special controller?[edit]

In a recent issue of Game Informer, it was said that this game was to use a special controller, but was delayed so it could use the DualShock instead. It'd be nice if someone could get some more info on this scrapped special controller and find a way to put it in the article. —Who else would it be? 03:44, 21 January 2007 (UTC)


Is he known as Kakeru in the Europe/UK games? WhisperToMe 06:34, 25 March 2007 (UTC)

Cover Art[edit]

Good Lord that US box art is ugly. Would it be possible to change it? --Mysterious Bob 19:13, 26 April 2007 (UTC)

If you would like to, please add in Image:NonFreeImageRemoved.svg before it gets deleted. --rjcuk 23:37, 11 May 2007 (UTC)
Hmm. The link's been deleted. I think that we are going to have to live with the US version against the UK version unless someone uploads it again. Too bad. --rjcuk 14:25, 15 May 2007 (UTC)

Removed characters, plot, levels, bosses, monkeys, minigames, voice actors[edit]

I have recovered these sections. For referece. A lot of work went into them.


The Japanese names come first. The English names are second.

  • Kakeru / Spike

Sex - Male Age - 10. Height: 135cm. Weight: 32kg.

Main article: Spike (Ape Escape)
Spike loves hanging around the Professor's laboratory to see what the old man might come up with next. When he learned that the professor had completed the construction of World's first Time machine, Spike couldn't wait to see it!

Spike is the older cousin of Jimmy/Hikari in the second. Spike goes in search of Jake/Buzz as both Jake/Buzz and Spike got separated in the Time machine, it's to him to bring him back. His hobby is spending time with his best friend Jake and his little cousin Jimmy.

  • The Professor (ハカセ Hakase):

Sex — Male Age — 60. Height — 170cm. Weight — 80kg.

Ape Escape (Platinum) cover for UK release
Since he was a child, the Professor loved tinkering with gadgets. Now he's growing older and he tends to be a little careless, leaving his experiments lying around for anyone to stumble across. He relies on his granddaughter, Katie [Natalie], to make sure he doesn't get himself — or anyone else — into trouble. Though he's worried about Spike, he's secretly thrilled that the Time Station works!
  • Natsumi (ナツミ) / Natalie / Katie (UK):

Sex — Female Age — 14. Height — 155cm. Weight — ?kg.

Katie [Natalie] lives with her grandfather and tries to keep him out of trouble. She's very impatient and her grandfather's untidiness annoys her, though not as much as Spike, who's always hanging around and getting in her way [but she is still friends with him]. She's brilliant with computers and both Spike and the Professor are relying on Katie [Natalie] to keep the Time Station working long enough for Spike to make it home safe.
She is in about every Ape Escape video game.
  • Charu / Casi:

Sex — Female Age — ? Height — ?cm Weight — ?kg. Casi is a computer girl created by the professor. She appears briefly as the player's instructor and at the start of every level tells the player how many monkeys you need to capture. She also briefly takes over from the Professor's Lab when the Professor and Natalie/Katie are kidnapped by Specter. She is not as pushy as Natalie/Katie.

  • Hiroki (ヒロキ) / Jake / Buzz (UK):

Sex — Male Age — 10. Height — 138cm. Weight — 34kg.

Spike and Buzz [Jake] have always enjoyed a little good-natured rivalry, so it's not surprising that both of them wanted to be the first to use the Professor's Time Station. But while Spike tries to save the World from the monkeys, Buzz [Jake] is lost in the TimeVortex - where can he be? What has happened to him?

As it turns out he was hypnotized by the evil Specter, Buzz/Jake faces Spike as a boss character, and in many challenges through the game.

  • Specter (スペクター):

Sex — Male (presumably). Age — 4 (human years). Height — 125cm. Weight — 28kg.

Specter used to live at the Circus where he'd keep people entertained by performing tricks and getting up to mischief. But this all changed when he found the Professor's Peak Point Helmet [and placed it upon his head]. He became hyper-intelligent — and evil! Now all he wants is to rule the World, and Spike must do everything he can to stop him!

He is an albino monkey, and his primary means of attack (when you finally get to face him) are giant robotic bodies, and strange blue energy that he propagates by touching his head.


{{spoiler}} Spike travels through various places in time, from the Dinosaur Ages to the Age of the Celestial Empire, in order to catch Specter's legion of apes. He also runs into Jake during his adventures, and must defeat him in bonus levels that basically involve racing to complete an obstacle course before his opponent.

Spike soon comes to the Present Day, where Specter and his monkey army have retreated due to their failed attempts to rewrite history. After defeating him at his factory, where he is trying to create more Peak Point Helmets, and the TV Tower, Specter creates a malevolent theme park, where he challenges Spike to find his imprisoned friends, the Professor and Natalie. Spike finds Jake along the way and defeats him in a final battle, then races to a large castle, which takes off into space. In a final effort, he traverses through the castle and Spike takes on Specter in his giant robot. Spike destroys the robot, but Specter escapes. The castle floats back down to Earth, where Spike is reunited with his friends...

...but the battle is not over yet. Specter is found again, hiding in a mysterious dimension called the Peak Point Matrix. After rounding up all the remaining monkeys, Spike travels there and engages Specter in a one-on-one final battle. Spike finishes the battle by catching the villain in the Time Net, ending his evil crusade.



These are the names of the levels and specific information about them. The first names are copied from the European release of the game (UK English) in Platinum release, the second names for the US release.

Please note that the amount of tokens recorded for the challenges with Buzz/Jake can only be awarded if the challenge is successfully completed (Spike wins).

No. Level name Age/Era Tokens (60) Monkeys to Clear/Total (204)
#1 Ancient Plain/Fossil Field Prehistoric Era/The Lost Land 1 3/4
#2 Raining Lake/Primordial Ooze Prehistoric Era/The Lost Land 1 4/6
#3 Dinosaur Valley/Molten Lava Prehistoric Era/The Lost Land 1 4/7
#4 Jungle River/Thick Jungle Cenozoic Era/Mysterious Age 4 6/14
#5 Dark Ruins Cenozoic Era/Mysterious Age 4 6/13
#6 Cryptic Relics Cenozoic Era/Mysterious Age 1 5/8
#7 Buzz Attack Part 1/Stadium Attack Dimension/Dimension X 5 (None)
#8 Primitive Beach/Crabby Beach Primitive Age/Oceana 1 5/8
#9 Primitive Ocean/Coral Cave Primitive Age/Oceana 1 5/8
#10 Dexter's Island Primitive Age/Oceana 3 6/11
#11 Frozen Ocean/Snowy Mammoth Ice age/New Freezeland 1 5/6
#12 Icicle Cave/Frosty Retreat Ice age/New Freezeland 3 6/9
#13 Monkey Hot Springs/Hot Springs Ice age/New Freezeland 2 6/9
#14 Buzz Attack Part 2/Gladiator Attack Dimension/Dimension X 5 (None)
#15 Tranquil Temple/Sushi Temple Recent Past/Medieval Mayhem 3 6/12
#16 The Great Wall/Wabi Sabi Wall Recent Past/Medieval Mayhem 3 8/10
#17 Trick Castle/Crumbling Castle Recent Past/Medieval Mayhem 4 5/20
#18 Urban City/City Park Present-Day/Futurama 3 8/13
#19 Specter's Factory Present-Day/Futurama 2 7/10
#20 TV Tower Present-Day/Futurama 2 7/12
#21 Specter Land/Monkey Madness Present-Day 2/Specter Land 10 2/24
#22 Final Get/Peak Point Matrix Dimension/Dimension X (None) (None)
  • Knight — A small knight who guards one of the doors in Specter's Crumbling Castle. When you defeat him the door is opened. Appears in: Crumbling Castle (Trick Castle)
  • Giant Knight — This giant knight attacks Spike with its sword. Appears In: Crumbling Castle (Trick Castle)
  • Specter's Ship — This time-travelling ship arms Specter with various heavy weapons including lasers, missiles and heat cannons. Appears In: TV Tower
  • Clown — A clown employed by Specter to keep the Professor hostage. Appears In: Specter Land
  • Jake (RC Car) — Jake uses an over-sized RC car to take on Spike. It attacks with missiles and launches mini RC cars. Appears in: Specter Land
  • Specter's Robot — A giant mech operated by Specter. Appears in: Specter Land
  • Specter — When you've captured all of the monkeys you have one last battle with Specter here. Appears in: Peak Point Matrix

Minor bosses[edit]

Some monkeys can avoid being captured by either using their environments or by protecting themselves within objects. However, through the game, there are some other "creatures" that can be found wandering around, requiring a couple of attacks to reveal energy chips, cookies, bullets or sometimes a life. There are also some of these creatures that are stronger than others and can be categorised as minor bosses.


  • Dali — A monkey hiding inside a huge pod guarded by three tentacles. Once defeated, Spike can capture Dali. Appears In: Dexter's Island
  • Sade - A monkey hiding in a fire-breathing statue. Appears In: Dark Ruins
  • Robot suits - Found in Specter's Factory and Specter Land (in the castle), these robots can only be attacked from behind. They attack by speeding towards Spike, bashing through any boxes in the way. They contain a monkey which is temporarily stunned after the robot is destroyed.
  • In Specter's Factory, there is a monkey which can only be reached after travelling through many passages requiring the use of the RC car. This monkey is very sensitive and has flying bombs as a form of attack, and hence it is very difficult to catch.
  • In Jungle River, are monkeys that have concealed themselves inside a tree that has large bushes to use as a form of attack.
  • Some other monkeys conceal themselves in UFOs, in Mega-Punch breakable boxes, inside cages, inside animals or plants, or in traps such as igloos.
  • Also in Specter's Factory there is a monkey that hides in a cannon.


  • Yellow robot - First found in Urban City (outside), this robot attacks with bombs and by spinning around on its axis. It can only be attacked when idle.
  • Purple robot - First found in Specter Land (inside castle), this robot attacks with twin laser cannons from its fists. It appears multiple times inside Specter's castle.
  • Green robot - First found in Specter Land (castle), this robot attacks using rocket launchers, a machine gun and flamethrower. This robot only appears once.


Throughout the game Spike collects Specter coins, large treasures with the antagonist's likeness printed on them. When he collects a certain number of these, he can unlock minigames to play in the Minigame Room. They are:

  • Ski-Kidz Racing: (Requires 10 tokens) Players use a unique control scheme to compete in skiing races, either against AI or another player. They are able to choose from main characters of the story to play as. The left and right analog sticks are designated to corresponding skis.
  • Specter Boxing: (Requires 20 tokens) Players compete in tournament, training or 2-player modes using a similar control scheme to Ski-Kidz Racing, using both sticks to control the fists of a monkey-boxer.
  • Galaxy Monkey: (Requires 50 tokens) An arcade game very similar to the hit arcade game Asteroids, players control a UFO (with a monkey in the cockpit) to destroy enemies. The left analog stick controls movement and the right stick directs and shoots lasers.
  • PocketStation Minigame: Ape Escape was one of the few games for the Sony PlayStation that was compatible with the PocketStation (available only in Japan). You could access this minigame by inserting a PocketStation into the PlayStation's memory card slot. This only worked in the Japanese version of the game (Saru! Gettchu!).

Voice actors[edit]



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Should we mention the soundtrack that was released?

I bought it by digital download off — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 05:30, 27 February 2012 (UTC)