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Business In Open Source

Pulled this paragraph. I was going to stick this on its own page and link it with a disambig message, but on second though I don't think this is really notable enough to bother.

BIOS - active in the country of origin to the creators of Linux and MySQL - is dedicated to accelerating the growth and adoption of Open Source applications in local SME:s. Founded in 2003 by the project IT Sparring Partners and owned by the Vaasa Polytechnic. BIOS is a non-profit EU project that provides cutting edge know-how to develop Open Source Code for common business applications. The BIOS project received ESF 3.4.3. funding 01.07.2004 from the local Employment and Economic Development Centre ( TE-keskus in Finish). Our partners are Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce and Österbottens Företagarförening. BIOS

I'm recording this here anyway, just in case someone does think it is notable. AlistairMcMillan 03:19, Jun 7, 2005 (UTC)