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Hi. I found here another possible order of battle for Heraclea:


  • 3000 Advanced Guards with Milo (Hypaspists or Chaeonians)
  • 20,000 Phalangites, Hoplites, and Peltasts (Includes 5000 Macedonian mercenaries supplied by Ptolemy)
  • 3000 horse (Including a contingent of Thessalian Horsemen)
  • 2000 archers
  • 500 Rhodian slingers
  • 20 war elephants with towers holding troops

Tarantine army

  • 6000 Levy Hoplites
  • 1000 Cavalry


  • 20,000 legionars (4 legions)
  • 1,200 cavalry

Roman allies

  • 16,800 legionars (4 legions)
  • 2,400 Light infantry Bruttians, Campanian allies
  • 3,600 Allied Legion Cavalry
  • 1,200 Southern Italian Light Cavalry

What about it?--Panairjdde 17:17, 10 Dec 2004 (UTC)