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If Evian Conference of 32 countries in 1938 to discuss the Jewish refugees, then why does the Bermuda Conference in 1943 readdress the same issue "and before the extent of their persecution was known"? —Preceding unsigned comment added by PBHWS (talkcontribs)

Maybe to show an effort, maybe not. It is not up to us to make guesses. We should reflect facts and notable views. No need to copy the entire article's content if your question concerns 1 sentence. Thanks. ←Humus sapiens ну? 21:09, 12 September 2006 (UTC)


It is amusing to see a fairly long article about a subject which on 98% of the evaluation and only 4% of historical facts, which may be written in two short words: "It failed".

Nothing at all is written what/how was discussed and what was this resolution which could not have been implemented.

This is probably one of the most useless historical articles I've ever seen in wikipedia. When reading about an event, first of all I want to see the description of the event, and only then its judgements.

I edited the text, so that this fundamental flaw will be seen immediately, and I hope some expert will improve it eventually. Mukadderat 20:36, 15 November 2006 (UTC)