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Biblical subcollections[edit]

Biblical editions[edit]

Biblical articles organized by reader communities[edit]

Canon defined by canonizing community
Reader community Distinctive features Development of canon Bible editions Liturgical use Authorship Interpretation Themes
Overviews covering two or more traditions
Samaritanism Torah only Samaritan Pentateuch
Judaism Hebrew bible
Protestantism Hebrew bible, New testament canonical, Apocrypha spurious
Roman Catholicism Lectionary#Western Lectionaries
Armenian Apostolic Church
Syriac Orthodox Church * canon: Roman Catholic canon + 3 Maccabees, Prayer of Manasseh, Psalm 151, Letter of Baruch Peshitta Lectionary#Syriac Orthodox
Greek Orthodoxy *Septuagint (Greek)
  • canon: Greek orthodox + 4 Ezra
Coptic Church * canon: Roman catholic canon + 4 Ezra, Psalm 151
Ethiopian Orthodox Church * canon: Coptic canon + Book of Enoch, Jubilees, 4 Baruch and others
  • the word "bible" is not used. However, some books included in the Bible are considered "word of God"
  • Psalms is included in canon
  • Torah is "word of God" but corrupt - replaced by Qur'an

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Assessment comments[edit]

Canonical comparison charts[edit]

  • Books of the bible - comparison chart of several different canonical traditions - with wiki links. Great start. Some potential for improvement:
    • Hebrew bible sub-groupings are Christian POV. A more neutral grouping is needed.
    • Some traditions are omitted from the table: Ethopian Orthodox, Syrian Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox, Anglican
    • Only Tanakh is linked to article on canon
  • Table of books of Judeo-Christian Scripture
    • Jewish POV
    • adds Mormons to list of canon groups, but incorrectly includes Mormon works in bible - Mormons do not use the word Bible for the Mormon works. The collection of Bible+Mormon works is called "Scriptures". See [2]