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My response[edit]

Mr. Bhadani,

My appologies for not explaining my edits. I just found out that Bihar around 1910/1914 had a population of 582,132 people, a lot less than the Bihar of India. So yes, I suppose that you are correct on the fact that Bihar in India is more prominent and more known (and also has more people) than the historical county of Hungary, also called Bihar, which no longer exists. (It is divided between Hungary & Romania) So I guess you can let Bihar in India be the main page if you want.

Sincerely, User:Hottentot

New Table[edit]

I'm trying to make a new table that looks like most of the other ones in the different Indian state articles, but it's missing a lot of information. Here's what I have so far. Please add on to this and help make it complete. --Hottentot

{{India state infobox|
state_name=Bihar |
image_map= IndiaBihar.png |
capital=Patna |
latd = ?|longd=?|
abbreviation=IN-BR |
legislature_type=? |
legislature_strength=? |
governor_name=Sardar Buta Singh |
chief_minister=Presidents Rule |
established_date=[[1947]] |
area=94,163 |
area_rank=? |
area_magnitude=? |
population_year=2001 |
population=82,878,796 |
population_rank=3rd |
population_density=880 |
districts=37 |
footnotes = | 

more to add[edit]

Hi, I've been using this article a lot for a project which I'm doing and I've noticed that the topic of economy does not have that much information to it. Also under culture, there is not a section of about clothing. I think that if either of these topics were fixed, the article would be much better. If anyone feels up to it, these sections need a little help.

Social groups of Bihar[edit]

According to BBC , A total of 16.5% of Bihar's people are Muslims and another 12.7% belong to the Yadav caste,Scheduled castes that comprise 14% of the people. Other castes include the Kayasth]]as (12%), Kurmis and Koeris (7.7%) and Brahmins (4.7%). — Preceding unsigned comment added by Raosaab7 (talkcontribs) 07:58, 26 May 2011 (UTC)

Copyright violations at cuisine sections of Bihar-related articles[edit]

I just deleted a large block of content from Bihari people in this edit. Although some could be reverse copyvio from multiple sources, I doubt it. The style and formatting looks like copyvio. An editor at IRC checked some of the sources at blogspot for me (a site that is blocked at my location) and said that the date showed it to be copyvio.

Practically the same content verbatim is here:

Please consider whether or not to delete some or all of it.

Thanks, Anna Frodesiak (talk) 12:09, 2 November 2012 (UTC)