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Is this English?[edit]

This doesn't look at all like a Wikipedia article. Highly technical, entirely devoid of a broader context, like what would be found in an encyclopedia, not a user's guide. Promontoriumispromontorium (talk) 07:52, 9 November 2013 (UTC)

Inappropriate editing[edit]

This should not have been on the article's main page. I've moved it here

Could somebody clarify the statement:

"calculated over a 45-day window, and takes into account the number of newsgroups to which a message is posted. It is defined as the sum over each copy of the message of the square root of the number of newsgroups that copy is cross posted to."

Assume a person posts the same message to x newsgroups and does so y times in a 45 day span. Please show the formula for determining if this value exceeds the maximum of 20. It sounds like it would be:

x * y / sqrt(x) > 20 or y * sqrt(x) > 20 --unsigned

Have now added mathematical expression of the BI & BI2 to the main page, with examples. --Rodhullandemu 16:38, 30 September 2007 (UTC)