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The weblog should be included as an external link on this page. It is an account of the World Universities Debating Championships. Although Wikipedia guidelines reccomend against referencin blogs it is not an absolute ban. There are a number of reasons I think this source should be included.

1. It is not a "diary" type blog, the author used the blogger tool to record and publish results, motions etc in real time for debators who were not at the world championships.

2. The author is an authoriative source on debating having twice been a quarter finalist at the Championships and the previous year's convenor. He will be deputy Chief Adjudicator for the 2008 Championships.

3. Although it does include some light hearted comments it is largely a factual account of what happened.

4. There are many comments praising it for it's quality.

External links[edit]

I just noticed that a link to one of the oldest debate websites, which was originally added by [1], had been removed by an IP editor [2]. I have now restored the link. Please discuss removals of such long-standing content in the talk page before attempting to remove in the future. Radjenef (talk) 20:36, 9 November 2013 (UTC)