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The demographics noted come from the 2000 census, but there are three different ways to compute racial/Hispanic acestry data from the census that year, which will yeild different percentages. You might want to include all of the catagories offically listed on the different pages related to the neighborhood or 10461, 10469 (part) and 10462 (part). You can get a profile on every zip code, county, city and state. For example: depending on how you calculate the numbers the "white" population of New York City is 35%, 45% or 47% in the 2000 census. The "black" population also varies if you include hispanic blacks. I suspect you have included invented the phrase "black-non-hispanic", as only white-non hispanic is a catagory. Other-non-hispanic and of two or more races-non-hispanics are not catagories. Many Hispanics are counted twice in the system you are using. This is presumingly an attempt to make up for when many Hispanics were loted in with the White population since they checked "other" prior to census 1980. I have looked into this issue quite extensivly while editig the New York City page. Rock2003 02:42, 3 September 2007 (UTC)