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License requirements references[edit]

The article references that Oregon requires a license to operate as a business broker. However, through several calls to Oregon's licensing offices came up dry - no specific license seems to be required. Does anyone have contrary concrete information?
I do not have contrary information, but supportive. I am a business broker in Oregon, and I spoke the the licensing department of the Oregon Real Agency, Phone: 503-378-4170, They stated that a real estate license for business brokering was not necessary when real estate was not involved in the transaction.
What you say is True. Oregon does not require a Real Estate Licence to sell a business, when real estate was not involved in the transaction. But they also say that in such a case where real estate interest in not involved is Atypical. That means only home-based businesses and new franchises are excluded.[1] Be aware many Real Estate commissions don't understand the administration rules well enough to correctly inform business brokers on exemptions, I've talked to several who at first said you didn't need a license; only to back peddle when I explained exactly what business brokers do.[2] Buyer beware of any contract that would exclude a seller from guaranteeing a lease or the sale of property at the location the business currently occupies. Who would want to buy a business and then get kicked out; often losing the equipment because the landlord claims it's a fixture or the equipment was in the lease agreement? Why do business brokers need a Real estate license? Simple, there is or should be a "contingent" ownership change of the real estate interest that is involved with the business; whether just a lease or the physical property.
To the business broker above and to anyone else who wants to do business brokering get a real estate licence!!! do it right and protect everyone involved. There is a new movement that is slowly sweeping the country, Arizona and Florida started it; these states require not just a real estate license but 24 hours of additional education in business brokerage and registration for a BB (business broker) designation to the real estate licence to sell businesses. photodude 07:21, 19 December 2006 (UTC)
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"Business Brokers offering a "No sale, No fee" often provide a more realistic figure..." is an opinion. Irrespective of what you say in the comments to each edit you are seeking to influence readers against up-front fee brokers. If you wish to pursue that line provide authorative references. Please see I am reverting. Poweroid 14:31, 18 December 2006 (UTC)

"Upfront fee" or "No Sale, no fee"[edit]

Thank you for pointing out every nuance.

Shall I simply enter: Business Brokers will charge business sellers either an "up front fee" or suggest a "No sale, No fee" option. Readers should look into the influences both option have when arriving at the value of the business. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Barbar123 (talkcontribs) 10:16, 19 December 2006 (UTC).

"Readers should look into the influences both option have when arriving at the value of the business" is completely unnecessary. Why can't you just use the first sentence and then stop talking? Even that first sentence is not really necessary as there are a variety of compensation structures and it's not clearly "up front fee" vs "no sale no fee". Also, please take some care to check and double check your spellings and grammar before posting. There seem to be errors in every single post you make e.g., "...both optionS have..."
You're free to proof read and edit any spelling or grammatical errors if you are feeling pedantic.
I too would appreciate if you paid more attention to the detail. Expecting others to do your dirty work is not in the spirit of things. Poweroid 14:26, 19 December 2006 (UTC)

Be very careful about upfront fees![edit]

Training of business brokers[edit]

Please either find some independent sources to expand the section upon so as not to make the section an advertisement, or let's leave it to something minimal that won't attract further advertising and spam. --Ronz (talk) 15:14, 23 July 2009 (UTC)