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Ghost town[edit]

Does Cascadia fit the definition of a "ghost town"? I believe the foundation of the old hotel still exists there...are there any other building remnants? Was it ever a "real" town? Was it ever really "abandoned"? Having read Wiki's definition of ghost town, I'm still a bit unclear.

In fact I'm taking out this sentence: "By 1900, this small boom town ceased to have a population and today is one of Oregon's many ghost towns."[citation needed] Because I can't find any evidence it was a "boom town," or that it ceased to have a population by 1900. If someone can find a source for this information, please add it back in.

I'm also not sure about "200 people that was established in 1892"--another souce says the date was 1890, and where does the "200 people" come from? I'll leave that part in, but it would be good to find a source for that too.

Can someone put this in, properly formatted?: The latitude of Cascadia is 44.397N. The longitude is -122.48W. Thanks mucho.

For future reference: Link to Cascadia history that currently goes nowhere

Katr67 13:36, 4 June 2006 (UTC)