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File:The New Theatre NY.jpg[edit]

This illustration of the Central Park facade differs in significant details from the first photos of the building. No source is given, but the picture is labelled "Copyright, 1909 by P. F. Colier & Son" so one might guess Collier's Encyclopedia. For example, the frieze in the entablature appears to more decorated in the illustration and rather plain in the photos. The decorations over the doors are different, and the poster cases in between, missing. The spandrels of the arched windows seem to be carved, and the circular niches of the exterior of the circular stair halls appear to be framed and surrounded by carvings, and likely differently shaped. Could this ornamentation have been carved and/or added after the photos were taken? Or is this illustration based on designs that were never executed? It would be interesting to find photos taken later than 1909.

The New Theatre - 1909
The New Theatre - 1909. Central Park facade on the left side

--Robert.Allen (talk) 08:47, 16 November 2011 (UTC)