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we need to talk more about this tasty varietal! who here slurps chenin!?!??! type up. We can chat up. YUM YUM 10:09, 26 May 2007 (UTC) (resolves to

Towards GA[edit]

I've done quite a bit to this, I accept it still needs a bit of work (including more pics) but it's getting to the stage where we can start thinking about WP:GA.

  • Yes I know there's some red links at the moment, but they're all major AOCs that need articles, I was planning to do something with the Loire AOCs soon.
  • I'm not particularly happy with as a reliable source and have replaced a couple of the citations but not all. The information looks OK, but I'd rather see it coming from a more citable source that's all.
  • Some of the country sections could do with some work

FlagSteward 15:16, 17 June 2007 (UTC)

citations and translations[edit]

I've just been doing some copy-edits and link checking. I'm confident this is a good candidate for GA and even FA. Here are just a few of my observations.

dead links: The Vitis International Variety Catalogue is now located at a new domain. The URL is an easy fix, but the information is different. The cited Maul and Eibach reference is not located in the Chenin blanc bibliography. Also, the data page does not include physical details of the berry, vine, or leaves, as is provided in the articles viticulture section. I simply placed the dead link template in the citation rather than deleting altogether. As for the grape synonyms, Vitis provides 71 synonyms, but there is no additional information such as "Capbreton Blanc (Landes, France)."
François Rabelais: I found some differences with the Rabelais quote. The translation at Gutenberg reads "Nor did they forget to apply to Forgier's leg some fair great red medicinal grapes." The French text FlagSteward provided in the notes, "et avec gros raisins chenins," is simply "fat chenin grapes." Rabelais makes reference to white wines in other parts of Gargantua, but in the chapter about the cake makers, he writes of "red grapes" and "Muscadine grapes."
Mutant Pineau d"Aunis: The cited web page Grapes and Wines of the World does not make a mention of this. Or, as the accessdate is 2007, that information has been removed from the page. Some google searches lead me to believe the consensus is Chenin blanc did not occur from such a mutation. Unfortunately, the pages I found did not reference any studies.

Cheers Encycloshave (talk) 18:48, 13 April 2012 (UTC)

Text–source integrity[edit]

This article has a WP:INTEGRITY issue Dating back to 2010 or before: multiple entire paragraphs cite either of two print refs:

  • <ref name="Clarke pg 75-83">
  • <ref name="Oxford pg 160-161">

Between the two, there are roughly three dozen citations, more than half of which are cited at the end of the paragraph, implying—as can been seen here in an old comment from User:Agne27— that the entire paragraph is dependent on those two refs.

For now I have partially addressed the problem by using dated instances of {{cn}} to mark some details that need explicit citations, restoring original dates where appropriate. I hope editors with access to those two print refs can confirm they can be cited for the details I marked. And in the case of the Clarke source, I would hope that more specific pages be cited, as opposed "pg 75-83" (talk) 21:41, 11 May 2014 (UTC)

Avoiding Wikipedia:Plagiarism and Wikipedia:Close paraphrasing are just as important values as, of course, WP:CITE. This means that we may have to draw material from multiple pages in a source in order to create a paragraph, in our own words, that presents the verifiable and reliably sourced material. It would be pedantic and unsightly, as well as a gross disservice to the readers, to either have a footnote after every single line or streams of <ref name="Clarke pg 75">, <ref name="Clarke pg 76">, <ref name="Clarke pg 77">, <ref name="Clarke pg 78">, <ref name="Clarke pg 79">, <ref name="Clarke pg 80">, etc with potentially even 3 different page cites within one single sentence. If there is something, in particular, that you feel is potentially incorrect and challengeable, then by all means, please bring it here to the talk page and lets discuss it.
That said, I do have another print source (Wine Grapes), with some updated material that I've been planning on adding to the article. I will do that later today while I clean up the tags but, while I'll still maintain my standards of insuring that 100% of included text is cited to verifiable, reliable sources, I still won't sink down to the level pedanticism with redundant footnotes that run the risk of inadvertently encouraging plagiarism and close-paraphrasing. Just as we learned way back in college, you have to write things in your own words which sometimes requires pulling from multiple sources (or multiple pages within a source) instead of copying fact by fact, page by page. AgneCheese/Wine 15:01, 13 May 2014 (UTC)