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North-South Length?[edit]

_ _ An obviously well meaning colleague has changed an apparently confusing wording to a misleading if not false one.
_ _ There may be some ambiguity, but IMO the primary and default meaning area is implicit, in "all of the northern one-third of the state". NH has an area of 24,239 km², and 1/3 exceeds 8,079 km². But the county's area is 4,743 km², more like a fifth than a third: obviously the northern third includes parts of other counties.
_ _ (In fact, it's a far-from-trivial computation to identify the northern third (by area): orig research IMO, rather than a clerical comparison like what follows, if we can't dig up a clear & careful source's final result.)
_ _ "[A]ll of the northern one-third of the state's north-south extent" was intended as reference to the northernmost point in the other 9 counties being just over 62 miles further south than the northernmost point in Coos, while the southernmost point in the state is closer to 180 than 181 miles further south than that northernmost point in Coos, which is also the northernmost point in the state. My hope was that "NS extent" had to mean distance and not area, but it obviously does not to some.
_ _ To put it unencyclopedic language, my wording tried to say that the state would be less than 2/3 as "tall" if no part of Coos were within it.
_ _ I agree improvement is desirable, and i'm putting forward "north-south length" in place of "north-south extent", which is again true. Hopefully clearer this time, and in any case maybe someone else can reword without changing the factual assertion.
--Jerzy·t 02:38, 2005 August 15 (UTC)

I took out the whole "one-third" reference, since the excellent map explains it better than words can. - DavidWBrooks 11:05, 15 August 2005 (UTC)
Based on your confidence that every WP user is sighted and has modern graphics capability?

--Jerzy·t 21:28, 2005 August 16 (UTC)

How to pronounce the county name?[edit]

How do we pronounce the name of the county? Can anyone transcribe it in IPA?--Whhalbert 15:08, 11 November 2006 (UTC)