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Please check/review column definitions[edit]

The softwate, a "HTML parser"... DOM with a LoadHTML method is a "HTML parser"!? There are some standalone software, that only transform HTML; and "enabled" to programmer's to traversal all nodes, etc.? What the software taxonomy here??
Implementation language(s)
Ok, but not confuse with "driver/bridge for bin implementation".
Latest date
Latest release date of significant changes in the implementation source code.
HTML Parsing
Common sense says that all "HTML parsers" have YES to "HTML Parsing"... So, same problem, of column "Parser": DOMDocument class with a LoadHTML method is a "enabled" to programmer's "HTML parsing"!?
Clean HTML
sanitize (generating standard-compatible web-page, reduce spam, etc.) and clean (strip out surplus presentational tags, remove XSS code, etc.) HTML code
Update HTML
Updates HTML4.X to XHTML or to HTML5, converting deprecated tags (ex. CENTER) to valid ones (ex. DIV with style="text-align:center;").

It is a consensus here? --Krauss (talk) 13:20, 9 June 2013 (UTC)