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What VGA can really do[edit]

VGA can do a lot more than just 640x480 and text (it's highly programmable); it could really use its own page. —-lee 21 July 2003 00:29 (UTC)

Yes — VGA. —Anonymous


"Display standard" is a pretty vague term. I think the page needs to be rewritten (and maybe combined with other pages; I haven't checked) to define the "protocol stack" involved. in other words, to explain that a display standard could refer to a resolution and bit depth combo (or a set of them), an API, internal chipset interfaces, a monitor electrical interface, or some combination of all of these, and also to be way less PC-architecture specific.

Refresh rates[edit]

As far as I know, refresh rates are just as an important part of a PC display standard as resolution and color depth.