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Distinguish Tribe and Reservation[edit]

After a little discussion {see below), we agreed to create a tribal page (this page) and link to a reservation page each with the appropriate information. Let's see how it works!rewinn 04:49, 9 June 2006 (UTC)

Query: re Siletz[edit]

Howdy! I see that you may have renamed "Confederated Tribes of Siletz" to "Siletz Reservation", citing the Federal Register. I suggest restoring "Confederated Tribes of Siletz" as the page that refers to the tribe. A section within that page, or a separate page, might concern the reservation itself.

I just spent the weekend visiting family on the Siletz Res. With great respect, I submit that the tribe is not the same thing as the reservation, and the members of the tribe refer to themselves with respect to the confederated tribe, not the reservation; see I believe most, perhaps most of the enrolled members don't even live on the reservation, and of course there are many "missing moccasins".

Well, I whole-heartedly agree the Reservation and the Tribe are not the same, but if you check out most all other Tribes on the Wikipedia (if they have an article, that is), the format is to feature not the Tribe but rather the Reservation. Some exceptions to this trend, for example, are the Sandy Lake Band of Mississippi Chippewa (listed by Tribe) and the Chippewa Cree Tribe of the Rocky Boys Indian Reservation (listed by both Tribe and Reservation). Ideally, all the Tribes and the Reservation ought to be listed separately, but currently, we're not there yet and there are a whole group of people involved in the Wikipedia:WikiProject Indigenous peoples of North America who are slowly assessing what is in Wikipedia, so that we can see what is missing, what articles need to be started, what articles need to be expanded, and what articles just need polishing. If you would like to contribute to the Wikipedia process, please, please do... and you can start off by separating the Siletz Reservation article to just the Reservation and creating a Tribal page for the Confederated Tribes of Siletz, as well as possibly creating a Tribal page for each of the individual component Tribes that form the Confederated Tribes of the Siletz Reservation. CJLippert 02:14, 7 June 2006 (UTC)
OK, thanks, I'll get started. I didn't want to be stepping on any toes. I just signed up for Wikipedia:WikiProject Indigenous peoples of North America- it looks pretty interesting. Hopefully I can involve the tribal historian and some of the smart young kids at the highschool - although mostly the latter seem to be into myspace ;-) rewinn 17:38, 7 June 2006 (UTC)


I feel that the article Chinook Winds Casino should be merged with Confederated Tribes of Siletz as their is very little information pertaining to the casino and therefore, I do not feel that it is substantial enough to stand alone. T. White 09:17, 29 October 2006 (UTC)

Oppose-I think the casino article merits expansion, not merger. We have various categories and lists about casinos in the U.S. and Oregon that would be rendered less useful if the casinos were merged with the tribal articles. Katr67 16:50, 31 October 2006 (UTC)
Oppose- I agree with Katr67 on this issue. Ndnguy 07:43, 22 December 2006 (UTC)

Page Additions and Layout[edit]

I've been adding information to the Confederated Tribes of Siletz page, mostly historical stuff, as it stands there is a LOT of info that is missing. Once complete I'll have all references and such up. If there is any discreprences with my additions (specifically the run to the rogue dates - I recall it taking place in 1995 but I believe I'm wrong) or removal of information, please do not hesitate to discuss here. Ndnguy 10:20, 22 December 2006 (UTC)

  • References are going to be coming up, I have to re-order, rent a large number of books. I'll also have to do some research for exact dates, but that shouldn't be too hard.

Location of the Reservation[edit]

...Is reported as being 15 miles northwest of Newport. That seems... unlikely. 19:10, 14 January 2007 (UTC)

Author links on Suggested Reading[edit]

After digging I noticed that this was the only entry posing a link to a non-existent entry about E.A. Schwartz. Given the state of his bibliography and the fact that he's focussed mostly on teaching during the past ten years, I took the liberty of removing the wikilink.

I imagine he'd be somewhere between bemused and mortified to find out that it's occurred to anyone to write a Wikipedia entry about him. I figure I speak with at least some authority on the point, since I'm his son. Persist1 19:42, 14 January 2007 (UTC)


The Siletz shaman Rainbow, would he be important enough to add to the article? -- (talk) 00:55, 11 April 2010 (UTC)

redlinks from article[edit]

Here are some redlinked people from the notable list, just in case anyone wants to develop these into articles.

-Uyvsdi (talk) 18:03, 16 December 2012 (UTC)Uyvsdi

Personal essay[edit]

I'm moving this personal essay from the tail end of the article to here for further discussion. -Uyvsdi (talk) 19:10, 30 January 2014 (UTC)Uyvsdi

Conflict of Interest[edit]

The Confederated Tribes of Siletz in its current form is governed by a very minute circle of family relations that consist mainly of the Lane and Bremner Family tree. Most of the more prominent and higher salaried jobs are relegated to those within the Current Chairman's administration and her inner circle of crony's. Chairman Pigsley has been at the head of the Siletz Tribal Council for 27 of her 36 years on the Council.

Opposition to the way that business is done in the Confederated Tribes of Siletz is stymied by this elitist group of faulty self proclaimed leaders. The Majority of Siletz Enrollees feel a deep sense of disenfranchisement and cultural bankruptcy due to the fact that there are so many unchecked abuses committed against the Siletz People each and every day. Abuses that go relatively unnoticed due to a media blackout and censorship controls on behalf of upper management. Too many responsibilities are given to just a few people, whom it seems are overburdened with the tasks they have been appointed by the top members of Siletz Tribal Council.

The current chairman of The Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians of Oregon, (Delores Pigsley) along with her inner circle, are in direct control of every single facet of the Siletz Confederacy and its resources. Having repeatedly cited conflicts of interest. And with regard to Chairman Pigsley and her immediate family's connection to every business opportunity and monetary holdings; A considerable amount of Siletz Tribal wealth that could have been utilized by the people for much more sound business investments was literally wasted. This fraud goes unnoticed everyday by outsiders not a party to the Tribe's Portfolio. most Siletz Members do not know about this type of financial blunder which has happened more than a dozen times without anyone in the Siletz Confederacy knowing of it or furthermore being able to do anything to stop it.

The S.T.B.C. or the Siletz Tribal Business Corporation as it is known is managed by the current Siletz Tribal Administrations, C.E.O. Brenda Bremner. Ms. Bremner is the Interim Economic Development Director @ the S.T.B.C. and the Editor in Chief of the only media publication of the Siletz Confederacy. Ms. Bremner does not have a degree in business management nor any related field. The only college certificate she currently holds is an associates of arts degree in physical education. She is also the niece of Chairman Pigsley as of the year (2014) She is considered by many in the tribe to be a tyrant and someone whom violates Federal, States and Tribal laws on a regular basis.

More often that not; The majority of Siletz Enrollees / Tribal Members / Shareholders are ill informed as to the amount of money that the Siletz tribe is currently valued at via liquid assets. Not to mention the amount of money that is unaccounted for each and every year and just how much of that money falls into the hands of these same out of control government officials. Many times throughout each year, programs that are funded by the federal government for the Siletz Tribe, such as the Siletz Tribal Housing Program; A division of the Housing and Urban Development Administration or (HUD) for short, and other programs like the 477-Self Sufficiency program which encompass certain financial assistance grants such as the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program or (TANF) for short, as well as the Emergency Assistance Program which is designed to help with late payments of rent or a default electric bill. Each one of these programs are severely mismanaged by the directors of each program, and all too often Siletz Tribal Members are left feeling abused and further neglected. These programs along with so many other aspects of Siletz Tribal Governance are so poorly directed that the exhaustion of the available resources usually happens by the first or second month of each new year.

Whereas the creation of the Siletz Tribe's gaming compact via the National Indian Gaming Commission or (N.I.G.C.) and the Siletz Tribe's agreement with the State of Oregon to pay an annual 6% of it's net revenue that is allocated to the Oregon State General Fund. The profits from all tribal businesses would have made it possible for Tribal Entrepreneurial Enterprising to be created and made available to the General Council in the initial development phase of the Chinook Winds Casino Resort i.e. the Tribal Members / Shareholders should be considered as the primary benefactors to all profits therein. To date there are but three businesses accounted for under the direction of the S.T.B.C. those business are listed at the link provided here->>> <<<-

Both of the RV Park businesses mentioned in the beginning of this reference are currently managed by yet another immediate relative of the Lane - Pigsley / Bremner Families. By C.T.S.I. Tribal Member Jeremy Cearley and his wife Laurie Cearley. Jeremy is the great nephew of Chairman Pigsley and also owns a business that was financed directly with S.T.B.C. Money. To date there were around another dozen businesses listed on the S.T.B.C. website, but after the resignation of former Economic Development Director Steven Larabee in late year 2013, those business which were also financed by the S.T.B.C. money have been sanitized from the current website and are no longer listed in the S.T.B.C. directory.

(STEDCO) or the former Siletz Tribes Economic Development Corporation had defaulted on several business attempts it had made in its time and was dissolved by the Siletz Tribal Council until more monetary opportunities were made available to the Tribal Council which is the Executive branch of Siletz Tribal Government. After the Chinook Winds Casino was opened for business, it was not too long until the S.T.B.C. made its way onto the scene. and in its 15 plus years as the Economic Development arm of the Siletz tribe the S.T.B.C. has done little to no such development that has sustained any tribal member outside of the Lane - Pigsley / Bremner Family.

If one takes the time to read the Constitution of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians of Oregon, and does an investigation upon these near self appointed leaders. Investigating each of them in a non biased, third party aspect. The investigator's would discover that in fact what is stated here in this section to be true and correct to fullest extent. Many laws are being broken and many crimes are being committed against the Siletz Tribal Members by these So Called elected or hired officials every single day. Yet nothing is being done to stop them. It is a wonder that there is no such civil rights initiative to protect the Siletz Tribal People as members of the Siletz Confederacy.