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February 2002[edit]

This article's text should be under Hernan Fernando Cortes, I'd say, and "Cortes" should be rejiggered to talk about the Spanish and Portuguese parliaments (since that's what the term means). I'm going to the dentist right now, or I'd do it myself. I will do it if it's still like this when I get back, numb lips or not :) --Paul Drye

About the remark above.

"Cortés" (meaning polite) is different from "Cortes" (meaning parliament, among many other things). So, the spanish words "Cortés" and "Cortes" are not the same, at all; and the correct spelling is "Hernan Cortés". I hope this help.--Threshold

Latin America? Which countries? Am I right about Spain's comunidades autónomas? Isn't the full name (in Spain) "Cortes Generales", and shouldn't that be specified? User:Hajor 15:11, 10 Oct 2003 (UTC)

In Latin America, the name for all legistive assemblies national and regional (many are bicameral) is either Congreso (Federal, Nacional o de la Nacion, etc.) o Asamblea (Federal, Nacional o de la Nacion, etc.). This is because in Latin America, corte (plural cortes) means law courts of any class. Cortes is used only in Spain. In Portugal it is Asamblea de la República. Jorge GG 03:02, 20 Nov 2003 (UTC).

Yes, I was running through the list of LatAm countries in my mind and I couldn't think of any where the parliament was called 'Cortes'. No idea about Portugal. Modifications made to the article per your comments; a ver qué opinas. User:Hajor 03:38, 20 Nov 2003 (UTC)

Todo bien, gracias Jorge GG 15:45, 20 Nov 2003 (UTC).


In American Spanish, corte also means legal court. Don't know if it is worth a mention.

About the origin of the Cortés surname[edit]

An anonymous editor keeps editing this line: Cortés is a surname of Spanish origin from the Aragon region [1]. I'll keep deleting that mention to the surname's origin because:

  • The origin of a surname is irrelevant for a disambiguation page.
  • Most sources about surname origin are simply not reliable. If they describe the coat of arms of every single surname, they are even less reliable.
  • I've met several Spaniards with the Cortés surname, and not one of them were Aragonese. It's a common surname in many parts of Spain, and particularly common among gypsies. --Jotamar (talk) 16:01, 22 July 2008 (UTC)

Two points[edit]

  1. The article currently states: "Cortés or Cortês, surnames of Portuguese and Spanish origin, respectively". I'm no expert in either language, but isn't this the wrong way round?
  2. This is a disambiguation page, but refers to several non-existent pages. Should these be removed?

--Deskford (talk) 17:03, 9 January 2010 (UTC)

The red links could be due to some typo, so it should be researched a bit. Also, there are pages which should be mentioned here but currently have no link, and that is more important than removing red links. --Jotamar (talk) 03:00, 10 January 2010 (UTC)

Hernán Cortés[edit]

I went to this page looking for information about the explorer, Cortes. I didn't know that his name had a diacritic in it, and as this is the English page, my keyboard can't be expected to have accented "e"s available, so "Cortes" would be the most appropriate place to look. When I didn't find the information I needed, I doubted my spelling and tried "Cortez" on a hunch, and on that page, guess what I found? "Hernán Cortés (or Hernando Cortés) (1485–1547), Spanish conquistador" - So why is it appropriate to put the Spanish spelling of "Cortes" on the "z" page, but not on the "s" page? I think it should be here, if anywhere, and not there, if duplicates are discouraged. The requirement of the exact Spanish spelling should only be upheld on the Spanish version of the page where that would be reasonable. (talk) 21:51, 14 December 2011 (UTC)

The page begins with a link to Cortes (surname), which is where people with this name, including Hernán Cortés, are listed. This page only lists things other than people that share the name. The two lists were separated in December 2010. If you think it would be more appropriate for everything to be listed in the one place you could propose merging the lists again per WP:MERGE. --Deskford (talk) 22:34, 14 December 2011 (UTC)

Merge, August 2013[edit]

Could someone tell me why Corte, Cortes and Cortez should be in the same damb page? And why not Cortes (surname)? Thanks. Jotamar (talk) 18:44, 31 August 2013 (UTC)