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dates need checking[edit]

These two statements don't quite agree;
1) resulting in the launch of Csound 5 in February, 2005.
2) Version 5 was released in 2006, 20 years after the first release.

What does "resulting in the launch of Csound 5" mean. The release or start of the project?
Answer: It doesn't matter as it is too fuzzy.
The first documented release version is 5.01 on 2006-03-18
There appear to be 2 major web sites

The manual only maintains history back to version 5.06

Switching to pre for notes;

News says;
  Csound5.09 released 2008Sep23
  Csound5.08 Released
  Csound 5.06 Released on 6 June 2007
  Csound 5.04 released on 10 Nov 2006
  Csound5.03 Released on 15 August 2006
  Csound 5.01 released
The oldest entry Csound5 says;
Posted By: jpff
Date: 2005-12-30 17:19
Summary: Csound5
A number of release candidates are now available for Csound5. We are hoping for a release 
of 5.0 in January 2006. 

The next entry says it "includes bug fixes since 5.00";
Posted By: jpff
Date: 2006-03-18 09:08
Summary: Csound 5.01 released
This release contains new partial track processing opcodes and an updated manual to reflect them.  
Also a nw barmodel and opcodes for max/min 
Also includes bug fixes since 5.00 and PortMidi support on Windows. 

So one can conclude that Csound5 5.00 come out between 2005.12.30 and 2006.03.18 but the reference
to multiple candidates indicates an alpha release and possibly competing releases.

The download section on sourceforge shows that the 2005.02 date was for version 4 for Mac computers;
Old Csound 4 for Mac    
Csound 4.23f12gbs.8 for MacOS X         
February 20, 2005       

I suppose after this update work started on version 5. Hmmm.

The wayback machine shows the first on 2004.01.06 but it is a
redirect to
The first non-redirect page was recorded on 2005.03.03 and says;
CsoundVST - an early release of Csound 5, the next major revision of Csound.

but this was changed by 2005.04.01 to

CsoundVST - CsoundVST is an extended version of Csound that adds a graphical user interface, 
C++ and Python APIs, Python scripting, a library of Python extension modules for algorithmic
composition, a VST plugin interface, and a Mathematica interface. The current version of CsoundVST
is based on Csound5. A source package for all platforms, plus a Windows installer for binaries and
the API, are available for CsoundVST at SourceForge.

It appears this is due to a difference in licensing for VST.

On wikipedia about VST;
Virtual Studio Technology (VST) is an interface for integrating software audio synthesizer and
effect plugins with audio editors and hard-disk recording systems. 

Some work for VST had been done as a plugin starting in 2004 but it was moved out of mainstream due to licensing. The first CsoundVST became version 5.0 without VST. CsoundVST became an an extended version of Csound.

So to summarize. Looks like 2 streams, one trying to implement plugins to support VST that started in 2004 and the second trying to unify the target codes into one souce from three. Hence the multiple candidates and no clear start date.

By selection or combination, an alpha version 5 came out early in 2006 and the first documented release version is 5.01 on 2006-03-18

The new rewrite ver 5 had these features; — Preceding unsigned comment added by Strider22 (talkcontribs)

Irrelevant link[edit]

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