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Merge proposal[edit]

This article was created fairly recently, so I figure discussion might actually occur on this page. There are a number of articles about individual Dartmouth athletic teams that have been scattered about, most of which haven't been usefully updated since soon after they were first created. There's already an article Dartmouth College athletic teams which only has one team actually in it. Due to the frequency of new Dartmouth-related articles being created, it's in the past been suggested and implemented to merge them into one article. Dartmouth College student groups, Dartmouth College Greek organizations, Dartmouth College residential communities, etc. Note other articles that I've so far put merge proposals on (and I'm still trying to hunt more of them down - most aren't categorized or anything) include Dartmouth College Men's Varsity Swim Team and Dartmouth Rugby Football Club. I know there are some exceptions to this merging idea (some of which I've fought for the exceptions myself), but it's worth a proposal/debate. Individual articles definitely need to be well-written and maintained. -- Smith120bh/TALK 00:56, 10 February 2006 (UTC)