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WikiProject Hinduism / Swaminarayan / Shaktism (Rated Stub-class)
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Why I made this stub[edit]

I'm painfully aware that this note justifying this stub is longer than the stub. I also appreciate the intent of WP:DICT.

This article is necessary only because there were a few places that link here, that should not fall through to Incense of India. This article should be expanded to include,

  • Which incense is offered to what deity (when)
  • How and why it is done
  • Any other special linking I've missed

Some of what is now Incense of India#Dhupa should move here, and be expanded. It has, appropriately, an {Unreferenced section} banner. It needs some clean up, some cites, but most of all it needs to be here. It was originally, inappropriately, Incense of India#Incense in Modern Day India, but was a decent start at explaining dhupa. So, in part, this is a rescue without the {rescue}.

One could resonably think that this should be merged into any of homa, puja, or Incense of India (which last should be renamed anyway, as it sounds more like a mail-order outfit than a title), but this would undermine the key problem: many additional things should be able to link to an explaination of dhupa, but would fall between the cracks of these three, none of which should necessarily even include a right-sized explanation of dhupa.

Interestingly, the authors of dhuni felt the need to "See also" link to dhupa, but never mentioned dhupa in the text itself. I suspect this is an oversight awaiting further elaboration consonant with what's in Incense of India#Dhupa.

Fianlly, in searching Wikipedia for "Dhupa", one finds references to a female Bodhisattva, a plant, as well as a number of places where this topic might be usefully linked. This article should play a roll in that disambiguation.

Comments welcome,

-SM 11:51, 6 July 2011 (UTC)