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In line with what we have for international series like Idol series and The X Factor (TV series), I have moved all non-American materials to a main page for the international versions, keeping the American materials here. This way the visibility and the utility of the other shows is highlighted in Don't Forget the Lyrics! and there is better focus here on the American show itself. I know it is a drastic move but it was well overdue. Hopefully now there will be better additions on various country section on the newly created "international" page werldwayd (talk) 19:59, 10 January 2012 (UTC)

Singapore section[edit]

Since the Singaporean series is highly developed and detailed, is it worth our while to open a separate country page for Singapore and leave a brief section here? This is what we have anyway for the U.S. show Don't Forget the Lyrics! (U.S.) and the UK show Don't Forget the Lyrics! (UK). It's your call really, particularly our Singaporean contributors. Awaiting for comments before proceeding for a separate section werldwayd (talk) 20:03, 10 January 2012 (UTC)