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Citations are missing!!![edit]

Biovorous ecophagy makes a nuclear winter look like a picnic in the park. Somebody needs to write an Einstein letter on this. Let's expand this page. I am starting this talk page for expansion of Wikipedia's Ecophagy page, and to encourage some brave soul to take a stand.

Doug Goncz 14:43, 13 July 2006 (UTC)

Einstein waited until atomic technology existed before writing his letter.


I read a book that talked about this, it intreaged me quite alot, thus, looked up, the gray goo sanireo and what-not to see what I could find, and it lead me rite here

Agent Mikey


The reason is the following excerpt from ecophagy article: "However, the word "ecophagy" is now applied more generally in reference to any event—nuclear war, the spread of monoculture, massive species extinctions—that might fundamentally alter the planet." Because of that quote, you can't merge the articles. You could edit this article to focus on the now more general reference, but not merge with the specific goo article. Beam 16:37, 12 January 2010 (UTC)

Probably original research - moved from article[edit]

However, ecophagy is highly inprobable because bacteria and viruses are the perfect example of self-replicating organisms. They have been on Earth since the beginning of life on the planet, but still haven't managed to destroy it.