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Problem with the definition[edit]

Technically, an "end" is any player who lines up on the line of scrimmage at either end. Rules state that seven players must be on the line of a typical pro set there are five linemen and the ends are the split end (commonly one of the wide receivers) and the tight end. "Wide receiver" is a generic term that encompasses split ends and flankers. The split end is the receiver who looks to the official to make sure he has a foot on the line of scrimmage...if not, there will be an illegal formation penalty.

Although the term "tight end" is the only one to survive to the modern parlance, they are not the only ends on offense.

In addition, the information about the defensive end is questionable. There are no rule-defined positions on defense, and as such outside linebackers and defensive ends share many of the same duties. KyuzoGator 14:43, 6 February 2007 (UTC)