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what is environmental aspect and impact?

To answer your question, here is a citation from the book "Industrial Health, Safety and Environmental Management" by Constantin Stephan (page 53/54):

"Environmental aspects are inherent in a company’s activities, whereas environmental impacts are caused in the environment and reflect deterioration and pollution. [Comment: positive environmental impacts may also result from a company's interaction with the environment but are less frequent.] A specific environmental impact can be local or global and is the result of many companies’ activities, with different aspects usually contributing. A company can measure and quantify its environmental aspects, whereas environmental impacts are monitored by governmental agencies or NGOs.

Environmental aspects Associated environmental impacts
Emission of CO2 and CH4 Global warming
Emission of SOx and NOx Acid rain, ground acidification
Emission of CFCs Ozone depletion
Emission of VOCs Summer smog
Nitrogen, phosphate in waste water Water eutrophication
Risk of chemicals spillages Ground and water pollution
Water and energy consumption Resource depletion

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