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Support for socialist regimes?[edit]

What was Kuti's position towards Marxist dictatorships that outwardly professed respect for human rights but did not practice such rights in reality? Just curious, I'm not accusing him of anything.

Slanted question. You might as well ask when he stopped beating his wife.

Fela's not Quite Himself around Here[edit]

The article on Fela Kuti, as it stands on wikipedia, is a rather rosy portrait of a man whose biography is complex and littered with moments of amoral, or at least morally ambiguous, sentiments and behaviours. Now, I understand when supplying information on this ambitious project objectivity is of the utmost importance. However, one must acknowledge the very widespread opinion that Fela was an extreme sexist. This should probably not just be mentioned in passing as in the present article - it should have an entire section devoted to it, where the views of a great number of people are represented. Also, since his politics and philosophies played a big part in creating Fela's iconic image, it is absolutely imperative that this article also portray the feelings of many people who are greatly offended by Fela's personal life.

Now, I am certainly not an expert on Fela, and I've failed in an attempt to find academic articles on the subject online. More extensive research is possible for me, but I feel like I shouldn't be the only one trying to raise the academic standard of this article. I ask that you all help me bring this article up to grade. Sexism and the subjugation of women is a highly relevant issue today - not an historical eccentricity that can be glossed over. This article is not just about Afro-beat - it is about a figure who has hurt a lot of people with his sentiments and views, while generating pride in the hearts of others. For most of us, I'm sure, it's a whirlwind mixture of the two.

-Yeah, this article needs a devoted "criticisms" section. I had spent several years in W. Africa, and Fela is far from universally admired. Alot of people had different perspectives on what kind of person he was and what his social movement represented. But you hear little about this outside of Africa (by which I mostly mean Ghana and Nigeria).

1.Some of the criticism has to do with the image he presents of Nigeria/ Africa, though that opens up a whole other can of worms.

2.Some were about him being hypocrite

3.He spoke out against condom use on conspiratorial grounds, then died of AIDS.

4.his economic views

5.the cult like following ...and so on.

Some of the criticisms are extreme, others a nuanced and I think fair.

I just dont have time to track down sources...

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The article says that Fela supported or was politically socialist? There is no reference to this. I believe it to be untrue.



The picture of kuti is totally biased and shows him drinking. Can someone change it?— Preceding unsigned comment added by Garthgirl8888 (talkcontribs)

This comment was left nearly two years ago. I never paid much attention to the photos in this article before, but I sure did now. The majority of them (including the one referred to in the above comment) appear to be screenshots, perhaps from a documentary, making their status as free content questionable. I haven't been very active on Commons lately. Do I have to mention this over there, or is anyone paying attention on this side? RadioKAOS / Talk to me, Billy / Transmissions 02:10, 6 May 2014 (UTC)