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In the early 80s, Westvaco Corporation developed Crowfield plantation, similar to what happened to Hwy 41 (Mount Pleasant) when Dunes West moved in.


Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade 08:06, 17 June 2006 (UTC)

Goose Creek has a very long history, long before the 1895 map. Goose Creek has not always been settled. This is one of the reasons most of it's history has been lost to time. The mayor of Goose Creek has published an in-depth history of the city. For the record, the city was known as Goose Creek long before the veternary practice.


Goose Creek the city was only established in 1961, according to the city's website, but the settlement's history goes way way back and was known as Goose Creek from very early on. I edited the history section to try to make this clearer, adding references. I removed some text and thought I'd give reasons here:

The City of Goose Creek shares the name with no other municipality in the United States.

According to the USGS Geographic Names Information System database, there are at least two other "populated places" called Goose Creek. Whether they are municipalities or not I'm not sure, but even if not, is it notable that there is only one Goose Creek municipality? Does it matter?

In 1895 the Rand McNally Atlas shows Berkeley County with no Goose Creek mentioned. In its place are two stops on the Atlantic coastline railroad, Strawberry Situated on a road that led to an important Ferry that crossed the Cooper River and Mount Holly which took its name from Mount Holly Plantation. These stations were flag stops that required the wave of a flag to halt the train.

It's unclear what the purpose of this text is. Is it establishing the non-existence of Goose Creek in 1895? If so, well, Goose Creek was a placename as long ago as the 1600.

Even though the origin of the name has not been satifactorily determined, Goose Creek as a place has become well known. One thought is that a veterinary practice started in the area may also have produced the name.

It can't be the veterinary practice, since the name is so old. My two sources seem to conflict. The book by Oatis states plains that the name comes from a stream that was known as Goose Creek in colonial times. The City of Goose Creek's webpage says the source of the name is lost. Oatis's book is extremely well researched -- he's clearly dug deep into obscure primary source colonial archives. So my inclination is to go with him. Pfly (talk) 03:40, 8 December 2007 (UTC)

Goose Creek was as it says and Oatis says, a creek, etc and it was used in descriptions of the location of major plantations there from approx 1660 on for 100s of years. That todays residents no

longer even remember any of this is pretty nutty as those plantations were run by the still well known major names as Middleton's, and SC Governers James Moore, Thomas Smith and Sir Yeamans.

Of the 312 plantations listed as in Berkeley County, (see website for So Car plantions at : , 8 are listed as at Goose Creek (plus Medway makes 9 , Medway not listed as at Goose Creek but it is /was).

See Map Quest map for Goose Creek and the two lakes, 1 South of Oak Country Club and 2nd one

south of that first lake are the dammed up Goose Creek to the West and SW of Goose Creek town and they flow into the Cooper River. Goose Creek map by mapquest. Goose Creek named used in the description of these 8/9 plantations for 300 years and the people living at that location, including Gov Thomas Smith, were referred to for 100-200 years as the "Goose Creek men", especially meaning a faction that did not like interferrence in its / others affairs. /s/ queezak hadarak,SOH (talk) 15:15, 18 May 2008 (UTC)

Some Goose Creek Plantations[edit]

For further Goose Creek info, esp plantation info, check out this list of those 8/9 plantations and their links...

  • Bella Vista Plantation-1,888 acres; owners Ralph Izard, Thomas Smith ...

  • Brick Hope Plantation - Foster's Creek, Back River, Goose Creek, Berkeley County

(Graves family, much later than the many plantations founded in 1680's this was ? 1840's ?)

  • Castle Brawn Plantation - Goose Creek, MacKensie family

  • Crowfield Plantation - Goose Creek; Berringer > Col Gibbes > Middleton; likely named for Middleton

family seat "Crowfield" back in England

  • Medway Plantation - Back River (a branch of the Cooper River), Goose Creek, St James Goose Creek Parish, Berkeley County, Located three miles east of US 52 on Medway Road - 12,000 acres granted to Jan/John Van/D'Arsen; he died and his wife Sabrina remarried Thomas Smith II who became Gov of SC and was granted another 40,000 acres (D'Arsen/Smith/Drayton/Marion/Prioleau/Stoney/Legendre).... esp noted for grey brick mfg/ed there and used to build Fort Sumpter; and as a rice plantation

also see,

  • Oakland Plantation - (now under Lake Marion) Goose Creek, Berkeley Co, SC) (Cannon family)

  • Oaks Plantation - Today the Oaks Plantation Golf Club , 1680 grant to Eddward Middleton and wife Sarah

(Oaks seems to be what then was called Boochawe, Indian name) (Indian prophecy of later descendant?)-this note by Butch, aka ...lil gee gaw gignilliat IV ...Boochawe first a home of Benj Schenckingh then James Moore... "as early as 1680 he (James Moore) is given as owner of land on Goose Creek "Boochawe House" on 1,000 acres between Foster Creek and Goose Creek home of Benjamin Schenckingh, Esq" see also Schinkin's Plantation at

  • Sedgefield Plantation - Goose Creek, Berkeley Co, SC - On Highway 29 approximately one mile east of Goose Creek on the road to the Naval Ammunition Depot

  • Yeamans Hall Plantation - Goose Creek (a branch of the Cooper River), Hanahan, St James Goose Creek Parish, Berkeley County; presently , a winter resort ...1674 – House built by Sir John Yeamans-a Governor of trhe Carolina's ; 1695 – New house built by Landgrave Thomas Smith II

—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 02:51, 18 May 2008 (UTC)