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The links that Factor X and Factor V follow are misleading. Factor X is hemin and Factor V is nicatinamide adenine dinucleatide. These are not the same factors as in the coagulation cascade.

Haemophilus actually grows better on Chocalate agar and not at all on Blood agar (unless it is satelliting a beta hemolytic colony) The 2 factors Haemophilus needs are within the RBC but it lyse the RBC to get it out. That is why Chocalate Agar is better because it is made with lysed RBC that have all the factor X and V released. Limited speciation can also be done with Haemophilus quad-plates. The external link "Baron's Medical Microbiology" listed in the article discusses Haemophilus's inability to grow on BA. (talk) 22:07, 15 December 2011 (UTC)