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The Mayor's name is Tim Hagler



Santa Claus can't ride on the Fire Engine in the Christmas day Parade anymore. The Kids can't climb on the Fire Trucks at the public displays anymore and there will be no more "ride along" program with the local police in Harrisburg. This is what happens when you allow the Petty Bureaucrats and the Attorneys to make public policy in your Town. Thats right, no more Santa Claus or any civilian on the Fire Trucks or any Town owned vehicle. Harrisburg has now become the first Town in North Carolina to ban the Public from the Town Owned Vehicles. What is this world comming to when the local police can't give a stranded motorist a ride to a filling station or a small child can't climb on the fire truck. Are we so worried about liability that we no longer have time honored traditions like the "ride along" program or helping some along the roadside to get going again. Small children who love to ride the local fire truck and blow the horn will no longer be allowed on the truck. The friendly local firefighter who the children love now becomes the person who won't let them on the fire truck or in the fire house. The friendly police officer who gave you a ride to the filling station when you ran out of gas now becomes the guy who tells you to call someone because he can't give you a ride in the town police car. Where will it end?? The Harrisburg Town Council needs to rething this policy. This policy will be a Public Relations Nitemare. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 19:34, 16 December 2008 (UTC)