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Very good article! Don't think I could have done better. I won 2nd place ($2000+$500 in prizes) playing History IQ online, under the screenname Mr. Plow. In the process I befriended the third place finisher, Belisarius, who later turns out to be none other than Robin Grover himself. He goes to New York to compete on the show itself and is victorious in the grand championship(he could've given Ken Jennings a run for the millions). Afterwards, I get praise from Caesar when he tells me "I'm glad you were'nt there, or I would have been just another furrow for Mr Plow!". My response: "Hey, I'm a SNOW plow, not a dirt plow ;)". I saved our friendship by quickly adding, how much easier it is playing at home, cozy than under the hot studio lights LIVE. He agrees and we both agree I should be his successor as the next $100,000 grand champ. Then word comes that the program has been put on "hiatus", which we, as reasonably bright individuals, know means CANCELLED. So Robin and I start a movement to spare this fun, educational and profitable show from the programmer's axe. We name it "Save Our History IQ!" in mild mockery of the History Channel's own "Save Our History" campaign. Through our names we gather support and through our tactics of electronic guerilla (Or E-Rilla if you will:) harassment we were making real progress towards our goal. The network's brain truss appeared to be buckling in our favor. Then Tuesday, September 11 2001 happens, the WTC Towers were not too far from the studio where HIQ was taped. Suddenly, saving a gameshow from cancellation became one of the last things on our minds. --R.D.H. (Ghost In The Machine) 17:12, 8 October 2005 (UTC)