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Suggested Changes and Updates to Section "Women's Rights"[edit]

Currently in the section "Womens Rights" there is accurate and correct information regarding the topic of Women's Rights in Tonga. However; there is a need for certain added information and background to understand the current state of Women's Rights. As Tonga's current non-ratification of the CEDAW is a measurement of Women's Rights, there are additional measurements as well that should be considered in this Wikipedia explanation of Women's Rights in Tonga. This topic should consider historical reference to cultural influences within the Tongan Culture. The "Anga Fakatonga" or Tongan tradition is an important cultural measure to protect Tongan culture in decisions for individuals and in political ideologies. Consideration should also be taken in additions and expansions to explanations for Violence against Women in Tonga, Tongan Women's Land Rights, Women's political participation, and perhaps women s labor force participation. Furthermore, with the current death of King George Tupou V (March 19, 2012), perhaps there will be different measures taken in modification of current policies and laws for Tongan women with new leadership.

I hope to expand these topics and information within the current page "Human Rights in Tonga". I will focus especially regarding reference to historical and cultural influences on current and past policy, theoretical perspectives from both sides of the topic, and added current information regarding Women's rights and response to CEDAW ratification.

Please, if you have any insight, information, or ideas for this upgrade within Human Rights in Tonga, I would love your feedback.

Brendanrow (talk) 02:12, 27 March 2012 (UTC)

Hi Brendan. Is the issue of editing sorted?? what is it that you cannot edit here?? thanks Diksha41 (talk) 20:15, 24 March 2012 (UTC)