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Base Realignment and Closure, 2005[edit]

In order for this template to be displayed on this page we need to have some information pertaining to BRAC and this facility. Because their is no information on the page, I am moving the templete here until the information can be uploaded. For more information, click here. TomStar81 03:44, 28 August 2005 (UTC)

This remark is outdated for 2012, Lineagegeek (talk) 00:37, 21 April 2012 (UTC)


According to, this place holds special up-traning for infowarriors who finish courses with the 229th in Vermont. (talk) 17:27, 13 February 2008 (UTC)

If you could provide a link to see if that is something to incorporate, that would be nice (see WP:EL for more information). Furthermore, the Joint Special Operations University is there, so it is not surprising to see additional training at that base. — BQZip01 — talk 22:23, 13 February 2008 (UTC)


Why is this place not an Air Force Base, e.g. Hurlburt AFB? - (talk) 03:46, 3 February 2011 (UTC)

Technically, Hurlburt is a sub-base of Eglin AFB (formerly known as Egalin AFB Auxiliary Field No.9 (Hurlburt Field). Several of the subbases on the Eglin reservation not only have field numbers, but dedicated names as well. e.g. Duke Field. Lineagegeek (talk) 00:37, 21 April 2012 (UTC)

Needed Additions[edit]

The current article contains no information on the 1950s use of Hurlburt as a B-57 base, the training in the Air Ground Operations System that has been located there for over 50 years. The section on missiles implies that ADC controlled launches of Mace missiles in addition to Bomarc missiles. This is unsourced and, I believe, inaccurate, Lineagegeek (talk) 00:37, 21 April 2012 (UTC)

The drones and missiles section states that the BOMARC missile that shot down a B-47 was launched from the Santa Rosa Island, Florida launch site. The note supporting this is to a link that indicates the information sheet is no longer available, so I cannot verify this. There was a BOMARC facility on Hurlburt itself, so I wonder why the Santa Rosa Island site would be used for this launch.
Was the Santa Rosa site ever part of Auxiliary Field No. 9, rather than part of Eglin AFB? Mueller, Robert (1989). Air Force Bases, Vol. I, Active Air Force Bases Within the United States of America on 17 September 1982. Washington, DC: Office of Air Force History. p. 130. ISBN 0-912799-53-6.  indicates that Hurlburt had no off base sites assigned. The units assigned to this drone/missile duty are all listed in Mueller as stationed at Eglin, not Hurlburt 1st Experimental Guided Missiles Group, 550th Guided Missiles Wing, 3200th Drone Group/3205th Drone Group. pp. 138-139. Unless there is a verifiable source indicating the site was part of Aux 9, I would propose moving the MGM-13 Mace information to the article on Eglin AFB

--Lineagegeek (talk) 22:00, 14 October 2012 (UTC)