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The following sentence is subject to 2 or 3 different interpretations. Could the original author or other qualified person reword the sentence to eliminate ambiguity? "The report will also include, if possible, an assessment of the impact upon testing of an incident." --> Fixed, 1 June 2009 [donmillion]

====[ 1 June 2009: Revised standard, IEEE 829-2008 ]=====[edit]

This article is out of date; IEEE 829-1998 was superceded IEEE 829 in November of 2008. Unlike previous revisions, this is a complete rewrite of the standard, which depicts test documentation as an output of testing tasks, rather than a self-contained entity. The standard (IEEE 829-2008) no longer prescribes specific tables of contents for test documentation, but uses a scheme of "integrity levels" to define what test tasks, and hence what levels and contents of test documentation, might be appropriate to different levels of project and product risk.

It will be some time before the revised standard achieves widespread use, so possibly two articles are needed, a new one designated "IEEE 829-2008", and the current one re-designated "IEEE 829-1998".

Donmillion (talk) 08:18, 1 June 2009 (UTC)