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Population Table...

If the population table was taken out, the map of Indo Gangetic plain should be taken out too, cuz it covers the same area as the table. If you look at the table CAREFULLY, it covers vast areas totally encompassed in the map, and a section with ***PARTS OF*** Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, etc...I had added the "estimated" populations for tiny PARTS OF these states, NOT THEIR FULL POPULATIONS...Please don't delete this gives a good guide...if u believe a certain subnational area is not within the plain, then discuss it here!

I agree... it also provides a strong(er) basis for the population figure cited in the opening. Brutannica 07:35, 7 October 2007 (UTC)s

Cultural influence & facts about the plain[edit]

Perhaps some comment could be made about the fertility and depth and type of the soils in these plains, seasonal cycles of agriculture and how they may have come to shape culture in these regions.

Trends in ecological conservancy[edit]

Widespread deforestation in the plains may have also caused major ecological changes over the last few centuries. Perhaps someone better informed could elaborate on that as well.

WP:COPYVIO from Britannica[edit]

Removed a very short paragraph taken verbatim from Encyclopaedia Britannica's article of the same name. Original here. --Old Moonraker (talk) 15:31, 18 March 2010 (UTC)


What is "chender"? Troglo (talk) 23:48, 18 May 2012 (UTC)