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The sequences of event in this paragraph seems a little muddled:

The term Janeite was originally coined by literary scholar George Saintsbury in his 1894 introduction to a new edition of Pride and Prejudice.... However, modern Janeitism did not begin until after the publication of J. E. Austen-Leigh's A Memoir of Jane Austen in 1870...

Could someone clarify? Lou.weird (talk) 14:00, 21 December 2007 (UTC)

  • This has been rectified. Awadewit | talk 10:38, 22 December 2007 (UTC)


We need cool Janeite images that are either in the public domain or released under a Creative Commons/GFDL license. Does anyone have any or is anyone willing to release any? Awadewit (talk) 23:14, 26 October 2008 (UTC)

word choice[edit]

Lol @ Opprobrium. It's obvious that the writer of this article just got her nose out of a Jane Austen novel. May want to change this almost antiquated word. Then again, maybe not. (talk) —Preceding undated comment added 22:45, 5 June 2011 (UTC).