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I have reason to suspect Spektrum is really a brand name made by JR. They're distributed by Horizon Hobby, the transmitter cases are nearly completely identical to the JR XS3, and one of the first upgrades for existing equipment was made for the JR R-1. I'll see about looking into this later if nobody else does. I should probably also mention that i moved this to Japan Radio, as that is the proper name for the company, and added the very common JR Racing as another redirect. The preceding unsigned comment was added by Phroziac (talk • contribs) 15:23, 25 June 2005.

Oh man, did I forget to sign that? ooops! Well, a Spektrum radio system just arrived here minutes ago. The registration card is from JR, box is identical with XS3, label on box, both made in Malaysia, case is the same, and its called a DX3. --Phroziac (talk) 29 June 2005 14:13 (UTC)

I decided to try the spektrum servo DS821 sold as part of the pack with this radio. I installed these servo's into a PC9 with standard JR 700 receiver together with a 1100 4.8 JR power pack. The experience was nerve wrekking with major "glitching" during the flight. I changed the antenna position to every possible angle on the aircraft with little or no improvement. I replaced the 821 servo's with the standard 591 - the plane flew just fine. (Great aircraft)

Advertised as a 4.5 digital unit I can only assume that the 4.8v pack be replaced with a 6v in order to generate enough power to drive the servo's. I agree that the Spektrum is a JR unit on 2.4 and look forward to the reaction of the competitors including the pricing.

Right now though, I am more than satisfied to fly standard JR equipment on good old 35. I will not be in a hurry to make any changes any time soon.

Donovan 29 May 2007 09:34