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HR 4437[edit]

This page should include the new HR 4437 that Mr. Sensenbrenner is proposing, which is part of a deepening campaign of right-wing attacks on immigrant rights. The legislation will make it illegal to offer assistance or service to immigrants, build 700 additional miles of fences and walls along the U.S./Mexico border, greatly increase the U.S. militarization of the border and much more. The passage of this bill along with the increase in attacks on immigrant communities would mean that immigrants will face even harsher forms of discrimination and brutality. The changes called for by HR 4437 will likely mean a great increase in the number of people who die crossing the border each year.

This article needs serious editing. Part of that should be mention of H.R. 4437, though in a neutral manner in accordance with NPOV. -Scottwiki 06:43, 28 March 2006 (UTC)

Agreed. Sensenbrenner seems to be a security hawk, this needs to be fleshed out and actually use sources. Kyaa the Catlord 06:53, 7 April 2006 (UTC)

What Happened to the Controversy Section?[edit]

The last time I looked at this article, there was an entire section on the controversial things Sensenbrener has done (introduced the PATRIOT Act and similar legislation to strengthen it, introduced the Real ID Act, used more money given by special interest groups than any other Congressperson, and several other things). It's in the history of the page, but has been removed. Does anyone know why? I believe that these actions are still controversial, and still a defining part of Sensenbrenner's career. 21:46, 18 November 2006 (UTC)

Contributions by Hobson's Second Choice and[edit]

The POV contributions[1] by Hobson's Second Choice and are also unverified with no citations. OCNative 10:21, 29 April 2006 (UTC)

Included sources that Hobson's Second Choice and didn't include. Contributing to articles is welcome, but please cite your sources! Wigwam88 20:39, 29 April 2006 (UTC)

OCNative's Right-Wing Bias.[edit]

OC Native, your musings should be relegated to personal blogs or Republican propaganda such as campaign flyers and the like. Please refrain from further vandalism of the page. Are you in any way affiliated with the Republican Party of Wisconsin or the Sensenbrenner Campaign? Please keep bias out of the page. All information provided in the edits submitted by and myself are pertinent and verifiably true. They are cited or fall within the realm of common knowledge. Thank you.

OCNative is not exhibiting right-wing bias. He is keeping this article clean. If this page continues to be vandalised by purposely replacing perfectly good photographs with unflattering pictures, including references to the KKK in the opening paragraph and categorizing him under "nativist", I will protect this page. --BaronLarf 11:56, 1 May 2006 (UTC)
  • Right Wing bias runs amok! If you need citation for his being labelled as a "nativist", then read the legislation he's introduced to the House. When you speak of "unflattering pictures, I can ask but only one question: What are you, his publicist? Your biased has been exposed with that slight. Is this not supposed to be an article conveying the unbowlderized truth of the subject at hand, as opposed to the "flattering portrait" you wish to paint for him. I really do believe that political bias has no place here. It's rather ironic that the only citations have been provided by those whose edits have been impartial whilst Baron and OCNative have provided nothing but "his picture is unflattering" and incessant vandalism of the page. The fact that you locked the page provides a vivid example as to your level of maturity and impartiality. Your opinions (and juvenile methods employed in expressing them) have no place in wikipedia, but rather a blog or a College Republicans meeting. Please refrain from further vandalism, biased editing, needless bashing of other users, and racially motivated hate mongering. Thank you kindly, -Hobson's Second Choice 21:12, 1 May 2006 (UTC)

Recent edits to this page[edit]

Let's please come to an agreement on this talk page; revert wars do nothing to solve the underlying differences in opinion. The page is not locked, it's only semilocked to prevent vandalism from anonymous IPs.

First, calling someone a "nativist" is not constructive, nor is it indicative of a neutral point of view. Adding someone to a category so named is pushing a point of view rather than objectively discussing Sensenbrenner's stances on issues. In the same way, saying that someone has the support of the Arayan Brotherhood or the KKK is inflammatory and misleading.

Next, perfectly good photographs of Sensenbrenner already exist on the page. What is the point of replacing them with unflattering ones other than to make him look bad?

Third, putting unsourced rumors that Sensenbrenner refuses to talk to his gay son, he crippled his wife when drunk at a Packer game, etc. is libelous and irresponsible. Source your statements.

Finally, there is nothing gained by labelling fellow editors as "right-wing" or "left wing." We should all assume good faith when editing. Name calling will not help us write a better article. Cheers --BaronLarf 21:24, 1 May 2006 (UTC)

3rd Opinion[edit]

  • Image:Sensenbrenner2.jpg is a clear copyright violation AND is missing a license tag, for these reasons, it should not be included in the article.
  • Image:Sensenbrenner Family photo.jpg is also a copyright violation, and incorrectly tagged. In its current state, this image should not be included in the article. However, correct tagging and development of an appropriate fair use rationale would make this image suitable for use.
  • The phrase, "Since then, he's become -along with Lou Dobbs- the foremost proponent of nativist sentiment in the United States, over Patrick Buchanan and Jon Kyl, and even entire organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan, the American Nazi Party, and the Aryan Brotherhood" needs a citation from a reliable source, or it cannot be included.
  • The phrase, "his first-born son, Frank, followed a different career path by studying art and a decidedly different personal path by "coming out of the closet" in 2005" needs a citation, or it cannot be included.
  • In order to state he had "mediocre" grades, a citation also needs to be provided. (what exactly are mediocre grades?)
  • Summary: Everything needs to have a citation, or it cannot be included, see WP:V for more information.

--Hetar 21:30, 1 May 2006 (UTC)


Can someone provide a source to support this? I couldn't find anything.

In reply to the above question; the last name is a dead ringer. But there must be something authoritative. Dogru144 05:12, 28 August 2007 (UTC)

...widely regarded as one of the most influential members...[edit]

Is there is a cite for this claim? It seems unverifiable, in any sense. --Kiwanda 02:53, 28 September 2006 (UTC)

I've removed it. It could be put back in if it were something like "[Very reputable, neutral source] says that Sensenbrenner is .... ". That, of course, would require a cite. John Broughton | Talk 12:57, 28 September 2006 (UTC)
He's the 3rd most powerful member of Congress. He's the CHAIRMAN OF THE HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE. to say that he doesn't have a ton of influence is to say that the pope's not german. I found a citation for this, and have added it. enjoy.
Of course, he won't be the CHAIRMAN OF THE HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE in a few months, so some updating will be needed then.

Information security is out there![edit]

Jim Sensei has comissioned a GAO investigaton on FBI's infosec which came highly critical. Is this notable for the article?

Congressman Sensenbrenner's weight, related to Mrs. Obama's big butt and public health.[edit]

With the controversy over congressman Sensenbrenner referring to the First Lady as having a big butt, and given his own obvious overweight condition, it would be informative to report the congressman's own weight, height, and/or body-mass index with links to relevant articles on obesity and public health threats related to overweight. Does anyone know where to find a reliable source for Jim Sensenbrenner's weight? — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 17:56, 24 December 2011 (UTC)

While I enjoy tweaking the guy as much as the next intelligent person, this is really over-the-top as far as encyclopedic content, unless reliable sources start talking about the incident in those terms. --Orange Mike | Talk 21:44, 24 December 2011 (UTC)
I agree. I don't see how such fits into an encyclopedia. --Bruce Hall (talk) 05:37, 11 July 2012 (UTC)

Removal of oil stocks sentence[edit]

I removed a few sentences that I think do not fit well with an encyclopedia. Since each is a separate issue I have created separate sections on this Talk page.

First, is this sentence on oil stock: "The Sunlight Foundation pointed out that among the 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives, Sensenbrenner has the fourth-highest amount of investment in oil stocks.[1]" This does not tell us what percentage of his personal wealth is in oil stocks, only how his compares to other congressmen. It does not tell us what is meant by "oil stocks". Are these oil companies, pipelines, service providers, etc? Finally this is not tied to any of his actions. Why does this matter? What has he done or not done that has been tied by a creditable third party to his investment? Such questions need to be answered, and sourced, before such a statement should be added, I think --Bruce Hall (talk) 06:15, 11 July 2012 (UTC)

Travel needs to be put into context[edit]

I removed the paragraph about private travel since it has not been put into context. He might be number 1 but how close is number two? How different is he from average members and average members with his senority? Has there been any questions raised about this improperly affecting his actions, by a credible third party, and adequately sourced? Without appropriate context I don't think this paragraph deserves to be in an encyclopedia. --Bruce Hall (talk) 06:15, 11 July 2012 (UTC)

Anglican Catholic within the Anglican Communion?[edit]

Rep. Sensenbrenner's religion had been listed as Anglican Catholic. Then it was changed to Episcopal He could be both -- an Anglican Catholic within the Episcopal Church -- or he could be either. Does anyone know? The only reference I have seen says that he is "Anglican Catholic". --Bruce Hall (talk) 07:01, 11 July 2012 (UTC)

Appearance in Dirty Wars film[edit]

Should it be mentioned that Sensenbrenner briefly appeared in a pivotal part of the documentary Dirty Wars where he refused to listen to Jeremy Scahill's testimony on war crimes? Cowicide (talk) 15:01, 5 December 2013 (UTC)

Comment About Michelle Obama Section[edit]

An anon editor ( has placed a tag on the section "Comment About Michelle Obama" which directs people to the article talk page for discussion. I thought it would be appropriate to actually open a discussion. During a series of edits, the anon editor removed some information. I replaced the mention of the comment about Michelle Obama, under heading "Inappropriate Comment". I used that heading because Sensenbrenner himself referred to it as an inappropriate comment. The anon editor has also stated (in description of changes to article): "POV - not every misstatement by a public figure is noteworthy". In this case, the comments he made received significant coverage in reliable sources (which were cited). Using that standard for inclusion in Wikipedia, it is appropriate in include the discussion about the comments in the article, at least to some extent. Looking for input from other editors (and, of course, the anon editor is encouraged to explain his/her thoughts or opinions). Seen a Mike (talk) 18:46, 7 August 2014 (UTC)

  1. ^ "The Sunlight Foundation Blog - Oil Industry Influence: Personal Finances'". Sunlight Foundation. August 8, 2008.  Retrieved on Aug. 8, 2008