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This is a good article on J.A. Wheeler.However, the information regarding geometrodynamics is not accurate, especially the following statement: "Wheeler abandoned it as fruitless in the 1970s".As a matter of fact, Wheeler kept using the term "geometrodynamics" to describe Einstein's theory of general relativity till his last days. For example, in Gravitation and Inertia, a book written with the Italian physicist I.Ciufolini in 1995(and which was missing from the bibliography), the authors keep referring to "Einstein Geometrodynamics"(the title of Chapter 2) throughout the the book: Chapter 3 is entitled " Tests ofEinstein Geometrodynamics", Chapter 5 is "The Initial-Value Problem in Einstein Geometrodynamics" and Chapter 7:"Some Highlights of the past and a Summary of Geometrodynamics and Inertia".This proves that Wheeler did not abandon the concept at all in the 1970s! (talk) 07:32, 13 February 2009 (UTC)Gemb47