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An earlier version said:

Kathenotheism is sometimes distinguished as follows: a henotheist worships only one God during their whole life (assuming they do not undergo a conversion); while they accept that other Gods exist they do not worship them.

However, in the Wikipedia article about henotheism, it is said that henotheists may include the worship of several gods. Probably, in this article monolatrism is meant.

From the Wikipedia article about henotheism:

Like monolatrism, henotheism is a cross between monotheism and polytheism. It differs from monolatrism, however, in that monolatrism is the belief in multiple gods, but the worship of only one, whereas henotheism may include the worship of several gods. Thus, henotheism is more similar to polytheism than is monolatrism.

Therefor, I changed henotheism into monolatrism.

- Adhemar