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Bolo Bibliography Mistake?[edit]

I'm not very familiar with his works, but I do believe that he only wrote 3 books and 1 omnibus for the Bolo series. Could somebody more familiar with his books confirm? Wahming 15:02, 9 September 2007 (UTC)

It is said...[edit]

It is said that a sufficiently skilled neurologist can correctly assess what parts of Laumer's brain were affected by the stroke solely by reading his pre- and post-stroke writing.

Maybe, but who said it, where? Tearlach 15:27, 25 August 2005 (UTC)

Additional Author Credits[edit]

After his death, he still continued to receive co-author credits even in 2004. Other authors have written bolo short stories as well as bolo novels (John Ringo, William Keith ( ). Some of these were published by Baen books.AnimeJanai 04:56, 24 July 2007 (UTC)

Image of Laumer[edit]

I'm not into all the copyright rules for images found on the internet. Could someone look into using one of the following images for Laumer's article? —Preceding unsigned comment added by StephanNaro (talkcontribs) 20:02, 10 October 2009 (UTC)

Bolo Stories sorted by Bolo and Chronology[edit]

Nobody seems to have sorted out which Bolos are used in which stories, so I did it myself. Presenting the Bolo stories in truly chronological order is well nigh impossible due to the way the stories were written. I was more interested to see if there were any serial stories, but to my surprise I could only find two instances of that: S. M. Stirling's trio of short stories about Markee, "Lost Legion", "Ancestral Voices" and "The Sixth Sense"; and David Weber's pair of short stories based in Santa Cruz, "Miles To Go" and "With Your Shield".

I've done the data collection, but the two possible wikipedia entries, for Keith_Laumer and Bolo (tank), are written and arranged so strangely that I have no idea where to put the data up or how to present it. I am also not ready to try to present something this complicated using tables. So I will post this in the talk sections of both.

The Compleat Bolo (TCB) by Keith Laumer c. 1990
  • "The Night Of The Trolls" - Bolo Mark II, "The Lesser Troll"; Bolo Mark III, "The Great Troll"
  • "Courier" - Bolo Mark XV Model M, "Resartus"
  • "Field Test" - Bolo Mark XX Model B, DNE "Denny"
  • "The Last Command" - Bolo Mark XXVIII, LNE "Lenny"
  • "A Relic Of War" - Bolo Mark XXV, 954-BBY "Bobby"
  • "Combat Unit" - Bolo Mark XXXI
  • "Rogue Bolo" - Bolo Mark XX Model B, CSR "Caesar" (story erroneously says Mark XXX)
  • "Final Mission" - Bolo Mark XV Model Y, JNA "Jonah/Johnny"
  • "A Short History of the Bolo Fighting Machines"

Bolos Book 1: Honor of the Regiment (BB1) ed. Bill Fawcett c. 1993
  • "Lost Legion" by S. M. Stirling - Bolo Mark III, "Markee"
  • "Camelot" by S. N. Lewitt - Bolo Mark XXIV, KNE "Kenny"
  • "The Legacy Of Leonidas" by J. Andrew Keith - Bolo Mark XX Model B, JSN "Jason"
  • "Ploughshare" by Todd Johnson - Bolo Mark XVI Model C, DAK "Das Afrika Korps"
  • "Ghosts" by Mike Resnick & Barry N. Malzberg - Mark LX
  • "The Ghost Of Resartus" by Christopher Stasheff - Bolo Mark XXI, MLS "Miles/Resartus"
  • "Operation Desert Fox" by Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon - Bolo Mark XVI, RML "Rommell"
  • "As Our Strength Lessens" by David Drake - Bolo Mark XXX "Maldon"

Bolos Book 2: The Unconquerable (BB2) ed. Bill Fawcett c. 1994
  • "Ancestral Voices" by S. M. Stirling - Bolo Mark III, "Markee"
  • "Sir Kendrick's Lady" by S. N. Lewitt - Bolo Mark XXIV, KNE "Kenny"
  • "You're It" by Shirley Meier - Bolo Mark XXIX, LRS "Laura Secord"
  • "Shared Experience" by Christopher Stasheff - Bolo Mark XXVIII, TTN "Titan"; Bolo Mark XXVIII, RPT "Rampart"; Bolo Mark XXVIII, MLN "Merlon"; Bolo Mark XXVIII, DGN "Dragon"; Bolo Mark XXVIII, BWK "Bulwark"; Bolo Mark XXVIII, DJN "Donjon"; Bolo Mark XXVIII, CHT "Chateau"
  • "The Murphosensor Bomb" by Karen Wehrstein - Bolo Mark XXX, KCC "Casey"
  • "Legacy" by Todd Johnson - Mark XXIX Model C
  • "Endings" by William R. Forstchen - Bolo Mark XXXIII, SHM "Sherman"

Bolos Book 3: The Triumphant (BB3) ed. David Weber & Linda Evans c.1995
  • "The Farmer's Wife" by Linda Evans - Bolo Mark XX Model M, DGR "Digger"
  • "Little Red Hen" by Linda Evans & Robert R. Hollingsworth - Bolo Mark XXI Model I (Special), LRH "Light Reconaissance Headquarters/Little Red Hen"
  • "Little Dog Gone" by Linda Evans - Bolo Mark XX Model B, GWN "Gawain/Gonner"
  • "Miles To Go" by David Weber - Bolo Mark XXIII Model B (Experimental), NKE "Nike"
  • "A Brief Technical History of the Bolo" by David Weber

Bolos Book 4: Last Stand (BB4) ed. Bill Fawcett c. 1997
  • "The Sixth Sun" by S. M. Stirling - Bolo Mark III, "Markee"
  • "The Traitor" by David M. Weber - Bolo Mark XXV Model D, ART "Arthur"; Bolo Mark XXV Model D, LNC "Lance"
  • "Yesterday's Gods" by John Mina & William R. Forstchen - Bolo Mark XXII Model SD (Special Duty), DNR "Danar"
  • "Memories Of Erin" by Robert Greenberger - Bolo Mark XXVIII, HWK "Hawk"
  • "Hold Until Relieved" by William H. Keith, Jr. - Bolo Mark XLIV Model D, LKT "Leuctra/Lucy"
  • "A Question Of Valor" by Todd Johnson - Bolo Mark XXXIX "Cephalus"
  • "In The Flesh" by Steve Perry & John DeCamp - Bolo Mark XXXIX, G141 "Gray"
  • "And Don't Come Back" by Mark Thies - Bolo Mark XXXIIe, DLS "Dallas"
  • "A Time To Kill" by David M. Weber - Bolo Mark XXXIII, SHV "Shiva"
  • "A Brief History Of Human Expansion Beyond Concordiat Space" by Linda Evans

Bolos Book 5: Old Guard (BB5) ed. Bill Fawcett c. 2001
  • "Incursions" by Mark Thies - Bolo Mark XXX, DBC "Death By Chains"; Bolo Mark XXX, DBQ "Death By Quarter"
  • "Rook's Gambit" by John Mina - Bolo Mark XXXIV TRK "Turkey"
  • "The Sky is Falling" by J. Steven York & Dean Welsey Smith - Bolo Mark XXXIV ZGY "Ziggy"
  • "Brothers" by William H. Keith - Bolo Mark XXIV, HNK "Hank"; Bolo Mark XXIV, NDR "Andrew"

Bolos Book 6: Cold Steel (BB6) ed. Bill Fawcett c. 2002
  • "The Greater Machine" by J. Steven York & Dean Wesley Smith - Bolo Mark XXIV, DRK "Dirk"; Bolo Mark XXV, KNN "Khan"
  • "Though Hell Should Bar the Way" by Linda Evans - Bolo Mark XXIII, SPQ/R "Senator"

Bolo! by David Weber (B!) ed. David Weber c. 2005
  • "Miles to Go" (reprinted from BB3)
  • "The Traitor" (reprinted from BB4)
  • "With Your Shield" by David Weber - Bolo Mark XXVIII Model G, BNJ "Benjy"
  • "A Time to Kill" (reprinted from BB4)
  • "A Brief Technical History of the Bolo" (reprinted from BB3)

Bolo Novels
  • "Bolo Brigade" by William H. Keith, Jr. c. 1997 - Bolo Mark XXIV, FRD "Ferdy"; Bolo Mark XXIV, FRD "Freddy"
  • "Bolo Rising" by William H. Keith, Jr. c. 1999 - Bolo Mark XXXIII, HCT "Hector"
  • "Bolo Strike" by William H. Keith, Jr. c. 2001 - Bolo Mark XXXIII, "Victor"; Bolo Mark XXXII, LKN "Elken"
  • "The Road To Damascus" by John Ringo & Linda Evans c. 2004 - Bolo Mark XX, LON/SOL "Lonesome Son/Sonny"
  • "Old Soldiers" by David Weber c. 2005 - Bolo Mark XXXI, MKY "Mickey"; Bolo Mark XXVIII LAZ "Lazarus"

Books I am ignoring:
  • "The Stars Must Wait" (novel): Laumer expanded "Night Of The Trolls" into a novel, but the short story is better.
  • "The Best of the Bolos: Their Finest Hour": consists entirely of stories already published in the books listed above.

Partial chronological order suggested by "A Brief History of Human Expansion Beyond Concordiat Space" (BB4):
  1. Lost Legion 2018
  2. Ancestral Voices 2018
  3. Night of the Trolls 2098
  4. Operation Desert Fox 2670
  5. Courier 2780
  6. Field Test 2796
  7. Final Mission 2675, 2800
  8. Little Red Hen 2870
  9. Ploughshare 2665, 2950
  10. Legacy of Leonidas 2961
  11. Miles To Go 3000
  12. The Farmer's Wife 3069
  13. Little Dog Gone 3080
  14. Ghost of Resartus 3169
  15. Shared Experience 3186
  16. Rogue Bolo 3231
  17. Relic of War 3231
  18. As Our Strength Lessens 3231
  19. The Last Command 3231
  20. You're It 3231
  21. The Murphosensor Bomb 3231
  22. Camelot 3241
  23. Sir Kendrick's Lady 3241
  24. Endings 3520
  25. Combat Unit 3606
  26. Legacy 11783
  27. Ghosts (date unknown)

Chronology by Bolo Mark:
  • Mark III: Lost Legion (BB1)
  • Mark III: Ancestral Voices (BB2)
  • Mark III: The Night Of The Trolls (TCB)
  • Mark III: The Sixth Sun (BB4)
  • Mark XV Model M: Courier (TCB)
  • Mark XV Model Y: Final Mission (TCB)
  • Mark XVI: Operation Desert Fox (BB1)
  • Mark XVI Model C: Ploughshare (BB1)
  • Mark XX: The Road To Damascus (novel)
  • Mark XX Model B: Field Test (TCB)
  • Mark XX Model B: The Legacy Of Leonidas (BB1)
  • Mark XX Model B: Rogue Bolo (TCB)
  • Mark XX Model B: Little Dog Gone (BB3)
  • Mark XX Model M: The Farmer's Wife (BB3)
  • Mark XXI: The Ghost Of Resartus (BB1)
  • Mark XXI Model I: Little Red Hen (BB3)
  • Mark XXII Model SD: Yesterday's Gods (BB4)
  • Mark XXIII: Though Hell Should Bar The Way (BB6)
  • Mark XXIII Model B: Miles To Go (BB3)
  • Mark XXIV: Camelot (BB1)
  • Mark XXIV: Sir Kendrick's Lady (BB2)
  • Mark XXIV: Brothers (BB5)
  • Mark XXIV: Bolo Brigade (novel)
  • Mark XXV: A Relic Of War (TCB)
  • Mark XXV: The Greater Machine (BB6)
  • Mark XXV Model D: The Traitor (BB4)
  • Mark XXVIII: Shared Experience (BB2)
  • Mark XXVIII: Memories Of Erin (BB4)
  • Mark XXVIII Model G: With Your Shield (B!)
  • Mark XXIX: You're It (BB2)
  • Mark XXIX Model C: Legacy (BB2)
  • Mark XXX: As Our Strength Lessens (BB1)
  • Mark XXX: The Murphosensor Bomb (BB2)
  • Mark XXX: Incursions (BB5)
  • Mark XXXI: Combat Unit (TCB)
  • Mark XXXI: Old Soldiers (novel)
  • Mark XXXIIe: And Don't Come Back (BB4)
  • Mark XXXIII: Endings (BB2)
  • Mark XXXIII: A Time To Kill (BB4)
  • Mark XXXIII: Bolo Rising (novel)
  • Mark XXXIII: Bolo Strike (novel)
  • Mark XXXIV: Rook's Gambit (BB5)
  • Mark XXXIV: The Sky is Falling (BB5)
  • Mark XXXIX: A Question Of Valor (BB4)
  • Mark XXXIX: In The Flesh (BB4)
  • Mark XLIV Model D: Hold Until Relieved (BB4)
  • Mark LX: Ghosts (BB1)

I grant permission for anyone to use or present this data in a better form than I was able to. Please inform me of any mistakes! --Evilsofa (talk) 19:55, 5 August 2012 (UTC)