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Method Statement for testing of ground fault relay (Type GA-12)[edit]

Method Statement for testing of ground fault relay (Type GA-12)


This method statement defines the procedure to carry out the ground fault relay testing on GFR type GA-12.

This is an addendum to running test procedure WT5-O-ME-0402.

Test Preparations

1. Ensure that the following test equipment is available and calibrated a. Current injection kit, 0-100 A b. Clamp-on ammeter 2. Isolate the current transformer GA-375-T from GA-12 by disconnecting terminals 1 and 2 on GA-12. 3. Ensure that 220 V power supply is available for the current injection kit. 4. Connect the terminals of the current injection kit to terminals 1 and 2 on GA-12. 5. Connect a 220V power supply to the control circuit of the cubicle. This is done my disconnecting the outgoing cables from X1 and X2 of transformer PT2 and connecting 220V power supply to the same outgoing cables coming from X1 and X2. 6. Bypass remote (filed control) control using jumper in between terminal 1 and 2. (Referee document E2245037A-005-06)


1. Set the % Trip Amps on GA-12 to the trip ampere setting per the below table (note that the indicator dot should coincide with the desired setting)

% of Trip Ampere Setting Injection current (Amp) 33% 12 50% 18 60% 24 100% 36

2. Set the time cycle setting to 12 cycles (note that the indicator dot should coincide with the desired cycle setting). (Refer document WT5-T-EE-0004 or WT11-T-EE-0004). 3. Star control Power 220v to breaker. 4. Commence current injection (through the current injection kit) per the table in point 1 for each of the four trip ampere settings. 5. Note the time taken from the start of current injection to the point when the ground fault relay trips and compare this tripping time to the time-current curve for GFR GA-12 (refer attachment 1) 6. Note the readings on the ITR for the cubicle being tested.

Post test conditions

1. After the testing is complete disconnect the current injection kit and the 220V supply to the control circuit. 2. Reinstatement all permanent connection.

Have you considered adding this to the article? I think it might make a good addition. Sunshine Warrior04 (talk) 07:30, 4 April 2012 (UTC)
This has nothing to do with LCR meters, other than being 'lectrical. It also looks like it's copied from something commercial and likely a copyright violation in itself. Adx (talk) 08:01, 27 April 2014 (UTC)