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Disambiguity system[edit]

I feel Liege should link to the city of Liege, and after that to the disambiguation-page -- 15:17, 27 February 2006 (UTC)

Redirecting pages and links were altered: The articles Liège (province), Liège (city) and Bishopric of Liège existed, but Liége, Lüttich, Luik used to redirect to the city. Since these names (old spelling, German name, Dutch name) are however just as ambiguous as Liège which redirects to disambiguity page Liege, the three were set to redirect to the disambiguity page. That page was modified so it clearly states the different meanings in a Belgian context. This is only part of a larger picture: all provinces in Belgium, and those of their capitals that have an identical name, are being edited and linked in an equivalent way and the links in all articles to pages that are becoming redirected differently, become directed to the appropriate article.

I'm afraid this process is a little too far to start all over in the sense as suggested by user It would also not be nice to show the sometimes large number of ambiguous meanings at top of the city page, and simply stating 'for other meanings, see...' would cause even one more step before reaching a desired article. — SomeHuman 2006-07-25 21:11 (UTC)

Hey 'My lege' redirects here, but isn't it one form of addressing someone? Wasn't it used in olden days and sometimes even in modern courtrooms? Elncid (talk) 09:09, 17 June 2008 (UTC)


The usage of Liege is under discussion, see Talk:Liege (disambiguation) -- (talk) 05:33, 1 May 2013 (UTC)