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This is a useless article (?) because those etymologies are better in the articles of each province. And many of them are very wrong or without an appropriate reference. For example:

  1. Azua - where did you get that etymology?. Azua has always been in a valley.
  2. Baoruco - It is the name of the Baoruco (or Bahoruco) mountains; the Yaque del Sur River has never been called Baoruco.
  3. Barahona - You took the folkloric theory, not the true origin.
  4. Dajabón - Of the several theories that are in your reference, you took the wrong one. See the article Dajabón Province.
  5. Seibo - It can be right but it has never been proved; this theory appears only in personal websites.
  6. Hato Mayor - This is only a translation into English, not the true etymology.
  7. La Altagracia - You have given the history of the Virgin of High Grace (not upper grace) and not the reason why the province was given that name.
  8. La Romana - You have used information for La Romana in Spain, not in the Dominican Republic. Even the reference is for the Spanish town.
  9. La Vega - It is an invented, romantic, origin of the name. Columbus was who gave the name to the valley (Royal Valley in English).
  10. María Trinidad Sánchez - María Trinidad Sánchez was never a soldier.
  11. Monte Cristi - Columbus named as Monte Christi the mountain now known as El Morro.
  12. Puerto Plata - In this region or any other of the island there was not silver; the name came from the mountain Isabel de Torre that seemed to be covered in silver (the clouds).
  13. Samaná - It was the Taíno name of the region and not the name of a tribe.
  14. San Pedro de Macorís - You have given a possible meaning of Macorís but not of the whole name.

And the ortography is horrible. I will not correct it because I think that the whole article should be deleted. --Jmarcano (talk) 01:38, 2 March 2009 (UTC)