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I changed some school's category because they are no longer affiliated with Meetings of the Religious Society of Friends. I don't have much experience with editing pages but I thought this was a significant distinction.

Invitation to wikicity[edit]

If you wish to edit articles about schools you can try Students Wikicity where those articles will be more than welcom. Beta_M talk, |contrib (Ë-Mail)


Some schools are in the wrong categories. Some of the colleges are no longer affiliated with a meeting. Also, the heading Prep/Boarding schools is not very Quaker. I propose dividing the category into boarding school and day schools.

Generally when I've worked on this listing I've tried to use the school's self descriptions as a guide. So for colleges I used labels that they use on their sites (generally: "in the Quaker tradition" = Not Quaker, "Quaker Education" = Quaker). The Day/Boarding school division is not a clean one, there are several schools that are both (George School and Westtown for example have both). Several of the schools identify themselves as Prep (Moses Brown I believe would be an example), so I'd leave that heading. But if you think you have a better system I'm happy to see improvements. --Ahc 14:02, 27 September 2006 (UTC)

Removing non-wiki links[edit]

My feeling is that we should remove the external links from this page. School's that have pages, should probably have their web pages linked from their article, but this page should be seen as a directory within Wikipedia for finding articles or information about Quaker schools in general; information about any particular school should be in the appropriate place. Thoughts? --Ahc 05:07, 7 February 2007 (UTC)

Due to a lack of other thoughts, I'd gone ahead and done this. --Ahc 04:03, 17 May 2007 (UTC)

proposals for imporvement[edit]

1. divide first by country, as education systems (what grade goes with what age) varies fromplace to place

2. distinguish colleges from other schools within countries.

3. Get the following data points for each school:

  • age/grade levels
  • location (wikified)
  • day/boarding
  • relationship to Society of Friends: "under care of X Yearly meeting" (I'd suggest we stick to Yearly Meetings rather than monthly as liable to be simpler and many have wikipages), "organized on Quaker principles but not under care of a meeting", "historically Quaker, no longer has an institutional connection," etc. Also potentially mention which branch of Quakerism is involved (FGC, FUM, FEI, Conservative).
  • year founded (given the historic nature of some schools, this seems to me to make sense, but I'm not sure.

Is this better as a table?

We should also do a better job referencing overarching organizations like the Friends Council on Education (maybe this is the place to redirect a wikilink to that group too, the Friends League, FGC, FUM, FEI, any similar non-US groups.

I will notbe able to get to this for a while if someone else wants to tackle it...--Natcase (talk) 06:59, 20 September 2008 (UTC)