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Elmer Valo[edit]

There should be a footnote and/or cross-reference to the Elmer Valo article. Officially his debut was in 1940, but there is some speculation that he made a 1939 appearance that slipped through the statistical cracks.

An alternate, widely-accepred definition of "decade" reconginzes a zero-year as the ending rather than the starting point: i.e., the "sixties" were 1961-70 and not 1960-69. Valo (1940-61) qualifies under this viewpoint, as do a few others. Also, the players who retired in a "zero" year drop off the alternate list.

Of course, you can argue that 1963-1972 (for example) quite reasonably constitutes a decade, so that if you play fast and loose with the boundaries, anybody who plays slightly more than 20 years automatically touches four decades. WHPratt (talk) 14:03, 29 June 2013 (UTC)