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Shouldn't the original and King Bedlam Hellions be under "Enemies"?

Missing Villains[edit]

One of the first things I noticed was... where's Omega Red in all this? After noticing that, it's got me to thinking as to who else might not be there. Is there any more then?


In point of fact, she was active as an X-Man in more than one mission. She appears on a mission in X-Men: Black Sun scouting the home of Dr. Strange in Greenwich Village for occult activity for Jean.

Jean Grey[edit]

As stated in Phoenix Force Handbook, Jean Grey is dead. (talk)Rainha Branca

Outdated Roster[edit]

Some of the characters in bold are no longer X-Men. As of Avengers & X-Men: Axis #4 several characters are X-Men such as Havok & Sunfire an now Evan is an X-Men as Apocalypse (1st appearance as). Cyclops is standing with the core X-Men team as well. please update. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 01:57, 8 November 2014 (UTC)

It appears that contributors have taken a "wait and see" stance regarding Axis, and it's not a bad stance to take: when the core nature of a team's key members has been inverted and they're acting contrary to their normal nature, it's almost like mind control and remains to be seen if after the fact they'll consider their actions their own or their membership changes official.
And regarding characters who are "no longer X-Men", as always, if you can cite a source saying they're no longer members, then cite the source and make the change. However, with dozens of members and students and at least three completely separate groups of X-Men based out of three separate locations, it's hard to say someone's not still a member unless it's stated somewhere. Recent history has shown us that just because someone hasn't been seen for months (or even a year or more!) doesn't mean they're not members--especially since one group (the New Mutants squad) doesn't currently appear in a book but has been confirmed as still active several times since their book ended. So just because Warpath (for example) hasn't been seen for a long time doesn't mean he's not still active with the team somewhere (he and Domino weren't seen for months at a time, for example, when the team was based on Utopia, but they were still members throughout that period), so with the team's current expansive status quo, you kind of just have to consider them members until they're shown leaving/quitting (like Danger in AVX Consequences), it's stated somewhere that they're not members anymore (like Cypher in All-New X-Factor), they show up on another team (like the members of Cable's first post-AVX X-Force squad), or they die (like Wolverine). DeadpoolRP (talk) 12:30, 28 November 2014 (UTC)

Show of hands for adding Spider-Man to the list of Honorary/Allies section. I think he could've been added to this list long before his role in 'Spider-Man and the X-Men' as a teacher. If someone wants to go ahead and add him at least for now (as his official membership may (or may not) come down the road) as an ally that'd be great! (talk) 23:13, 8 January 2015 (UTC)

Now that he's on the faculty, I agree that adding Spider-Man to the allies section is a good idea.
Also, while I'm not saying that I necessarily think Spider-Man IS officially a member of the X-Men now, I would caution people against making absolute statements like "being a teacher doesn't make you an X-Man," etc., as assertions of fact. Unless you work for Marvel and/or know something I don't, you're still just expressing your opinion, not a statement of fact. Unless Marvel has made that official statement somewhere and I missed it, it very well COULD eventually turn out that being a teacher DOES, in fact, make you an X-Man. A more correct statement to make would be that current consensus is that characters not be added to the membership list just because they're teachers/faculty members. But if Marvel clarifies things like they clarified some Avengers membership questions in the recent Avengers Now! handbook, that could change. DeadpoolRP (talk) 08:38, 9 January 2015 (UTC)

Any insight as to if/when the X-Men (Now!(?)) Handbook might come out? (talk) 07:09, 10 January 2015 (UTC)

Unfortunately, no. I'm hoping the Avengers book is the first of many and it won't be too long, though. DeadpoolRP (talk) 08:47, 12 January 2015 (UTC)


I was unaware of this addition to the now cancelled "All-New X-Factor" series but when you look at several sites, her codename is stated as "Decay". Perhaps this wasn't clearly spelled out in the issues she appeared in, but it appears her codename as Decay is generally accepted. Thoughts or evidence to the contrary? Yes, yes, I know this isn't straight from an official Marvel Handbook, but it's pretty clear her first name is Georgia and that's not her codename. This may be difficult to confirm since this X-Factor volume is done, but I vote the list reflects the Decay codename.. Tomahawk1221 (talk) 01:55, 30 March 2015 (UTC)

People online make up code names and even real names for characters all the time, and then others see them and add them to more sites, spreading the incorrect information. Heck, some sites even encourage their contributors to make up names and see if they get used in the comics (and they sometimes do!). We need to be better than that on Wikipedia. Unless an official source can be cited for a name, it shouldn't be put up here. (And, by the way, a conversation of this type doesn't count as a source for an official code name: Speaker 1: "I need a code name." Speaker 2: "How about Morph?" Speaker 1: "No way!"--unless, of course, the character LATER decides to use it.) DeadpoolRP (talk)

DeadpoolRP... What part of me bringing this to the "Talk Page" do you not understand? This isn't the first time that you've responded in an accusatory tone, as if I'd made updates to the actual list page based on my opinion. No, I put it on the talk page just like we ask anyone to do BEFORE adding it and getting a consensus. That's exactly what I've done. "Unless you can cite an official source for a name, please don't put it up here!" - C'mon man... You insinuate and postulate when the entire time I'm bringing up a subject in the proper forum. Interested to see following defensive stance. "We need to be better than that on Wikipedia"?? Lighten up, dude..Tomahawk1221 (talk) 01:25, 4 April 2015 (UTC)

Tomahawk1221, I do not understand your anger. My reply addressed the topic in question and the group editing this page. It did not single you out or address you directly at all, and yet your whole post is spent attacking me. I used the plural "we" to show that everyone needs to avoid making changes without sources, not just you, not just me--everyone! I realize that you personally didn't made the change in question to the page, and I didn't say you did, but someone ELSE did, and another contributor reverted it and said it needed a source; I simply reiterated the need for a source here for everyone involved.
Thank you for taking this to the talk page, as should be done, but please also try to take the talk page less personally. Unless you are addressed directory (which you weren't) and insulted (which you also weren't), why look for insults? You say I should lighten up, and yet do you disagree and think that we SHOULDN'T, in fact, be better than those who spread made-up information across the Internet, whether intentionally (by making it up and posting it online) or unintentionally (by assuming that since something is posted elsewhere it's correct and thus not verifying it)? Isn't a gigantic part of Wikipedia's mission/purpose to provide correct information?
I apologize if my one use of "you" (which I was using in the plural/generic) made you think I was addressing you directly. I wasn't, and the offending sentence has been edited to be more explicitly generic.
Now, would anyone else like to weigh in on Decay vs. Georgia? Does anyone have a source on Decay? Or should we stick with her real name as usual when there's not a code name? I'll see if my local comics shop has copies of the last few issues of All-New X-Factor when I'm there next and let you guys know if she's called Georgia or Decay in her introductory narration panels. DeadpoolRP (talk)