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village watch list:

Kadarkút, Nyírlugos, Pálháza (already a town according to; official site doesn't mention it; has some other factual errors so I wouldn't trust them) , Martonvásár, Ócsa, Abádszalók, [1]

okay, Strapontin says all of these are towns now... lots of my articles need serious updating... Alensha 23:43, 22 July 2005 (UTC)

The list of Hungarian towns here includes 2 places by mistake: Diósd and Moragy. The first is a quickly growing municipality in the Budapest agglomeration, while the latter (written as Mórágy in Hungarian) is a small village in Tolna county and I have no idea how it could get a position in your list. Let me help you by giving the ultimate official source to keep your list up-to-date: This is the Gazetteer of the Republic of Hungary published by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office. You can find it without the given deep link at:, choosing English language (by clicking on the flag) then selecting Gazetteer on the left menu. Maybe the official Gazetter should be linked on the page. I'm a very new user, so I'm sorry for any inappropriate action. peyerk 00:01, 28 December 2006 (UTC)

Hungarian geography and municipal system[edit]

I tried to clarify terminology about municipalities in Hungary but I feel it is not enough. Maybe some more details could be added about geographic settlement patterns, local administration structures and their relations in Hungarian municipal system. Where and how should I place further details on the topic? This is important becouse could let readers understand the "Szanticska case" in details. This case is highly problematic because declaring Szanticska as the smallest village / inhabited place in Hungary has neither academic nor legal justification and thus is POV. Actually, it is a very interesting coincidence of urban legend and clever village marketing. peyerk 03:01, 28 December 2006 (UTC)