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Just a personal note- This should be an important list. It contains important information, and as far as I know, no complete list exists for all the clusters of differentiation used. A set is known within each field, but Wikipedia is here to aggregate and organize data. Added 2 I found referenced in a paper. Obviously someone knows what they are, but I cant find the answer. CD165 and CD107a— Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk)

CD stands for cluster of differentiation, which indicates a
defined subset of cellular surface receptors (epitopes) that
identify cell type and stage of differentiation, and which are
recognized by antibodies.

Immunology Blog

I have added CD155. I agree that this is an important list. I think the names of these articles make them difficult to locate. In Manual_of_Style#Article_titles it states, "A title should be recognizable (as a name for or description of the topic), natural, sufficiently precise, concise, and consistent with the titles of related articles." None of these articles are recognizable or natural. I think the titles are too concise. They are consistent with related articles however. I propose that all of these articles be renamed so they are recognizable and natural.

  • ALT1: It would be appropriate to rename article "CDNNN" to "Cellular protein cluster of differentiation CDNNN"
  • ALT2: rename article "CDNNN" to "Cellular surface receptor CDNNN"
  • ALT3: rename article "CDNNN" to "Biological antibody receptor CDNNN"
  • ALT4: rename article "CDNNN" to "Cell differentiation molecule CDNNN"

Comments on the proposed rename are warranted. -Kyle(talk) 23:55, 23 August 2014 (UTC)

Current favorite is: ALT4: rename article "CDNNN" to "Cell differentiation molecule CDNNN"

Comments are requested. -Kyle(talk) 07:33, 29 August 2014 (UTC)