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Sources edited/written by Nazi authors, abuse of primary sources by User:Kaiser von Europa[edit]

This edit [1] uses primary sources, which may be biased, for potentially controversial information. This violates the Wikipedia policy WP:PRIMARY.

The same edit uses a source, Handbuch der historischen Stätten, edited by the Nazi author Erich Weise and with contributions from other authors from Nazi Germany. Per WP:RS this is not a reliable source and should not be used in this or other articles.

Furthermore it looks like an effort is being made to obfuscate the nature of this source, by omitting the fact that Weise was the editor and instead only listing a few of the authors (like Kurt Forstreuter, another Nazi). On top of that the ISBN number of the book is being omitted. Note that previously the same editor included this information in his previous edits, but when concerns were raised about the nature of this source and Erich Weise, began omitting it. This suggests strongly that the editor in question is fully aware that this is a problematic source and is making bad faithed attempts to hide it.

Please do not restore this info without providing modern, reliable, secondary sources.Volunteer Marek 13:34, 12 May 2013 (UTC)